It'll be a pain to clean up, but what fun!

Wish we’d had one of these when I was young.

Why when you were young?

I want one right now!

Heh, I’m way too old to be doing that kind of thing - I’m sure I’d break something!

That looks way cool! And I don’t care how old I am, I wouldn’t pass up its awesomeness.

Way cool! Hey, that guy put a lot of time and effort into it. I wonder how much he could make if he charged admission??

My parents gave my daughter a Slip’N’Slide when she was a grade schooler. My husband set it up, and watched her and her friends play on it, and decided that HE wanted to do it, too, and hang the recommended upper weight limit. He was great at running and flopping on his belly and sliding. However, at about 140 pounds, he was too heavy to stop efficiently at the end of the slide…and he got a serious grass burn on his belly.

No trouble to clean that up. Think Spring!

What fun!

That’s so awesome! I’d get my 50+ ass up there…