It's 3:32 in the AM and here are my random thoughts

My girlfriend has a midterm tomorrow (in about 7 hours, to be precise) and her plan seems to be to pull an all-nighter. I figures I should stay up with her on AIM, at least, since I won’t get to see her this weekend.

You see, she attends UC Santa Cruz, while I live in San Francisco. 75 mile difference, not only close enough to make a relationship feasible, but enough to keep it strong. The fact that she’s the most wonderful person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing helps, too.

I need to get a car. I need to move out. (I need to mention to the reader that my mind does odd things at 3:36 in the AM, and hopefully that will explain the train (wreck) of thought that will be diplayed in this post.) I need to look into getting a real job in a theater company.

But if’n I get a job in a theater company, it’ll pay low, and I’d have to quit my job at Cala. Then I’d be broke.

I should post more here. Of course, this is better than posting constantly. I don’t think I could pull that off. I usually end up realizing that my post is irrelevant at best and downright stupid other times. Most of the time I catch this before posting. I guess I’m over-cautious. It’s a smart bunch here and I want to hold my own.

I’ve noticed that fatigue messes with my mind more so than drunkenness. If I were drunk right now, I bet what I’m posting about now would make more sense, albeit with much worse typing.

I’ll keep y’all updated.

Feel free to IM me. TroyMcClureSF

Ask about anything. Ask about nothing, I don’t care. Interview me. Help me salvage this mess of a thread.

It’s 3:43.

I’ve often wanted to do this. Open the inner mental gates, and let the truth of early morning yas come out all over the place in a post. But I’ve never had th’ guts.

jjtm, I salute you.

Uh, no, I don’t have anything to add or ask. Sorry.

Ice Wolf-

Yeah, that tends to happen to me. I usually classify it more as late night, especially when couipled with a prior early morning wake-up.

I used to do something like this, back before I joined the board. I’d write a nonstop stream of conciousness to notepad or something in the wee hours, then save and go to sleep. Of course, when I read them later (awake and coherent) I always deleted them because they were, let’s be honest, awful.

I suppose if I had kept them (and transferred them to my new computer) they might have some intrinsic worth to my children.

“Daddy, what were you like when you were young?”
“Well kids, let’s open up this old file I wrote back in the day. Wow, that’s crap.”
“Were you drunk all the time, daddy?”

Aw, drat, I’m doing it now. And I’m going to stop now, because this is your space to have insomniac mental diarrhea, jjtm, not mine. Good luck on the job hunt, and tell your GF that some sleepy guy she’s never heard of says good luck on exams.

Why thank you and goodnight.

I get the feeling that when I see this thread tomorrow I’ll be like Homer after his shrooms thread. Probably not as dramatic.

It’s nice listening to music on headphones. I don’t do it often enough. Loud music is good (especially if you’re an Aerosmith nut like me). I don’t get to listen to loud music often enough.

It’s getting really warm in here. My bedroom has the building heater on the other side of the wall and the people who recently moved in tend to leave it on all the time, leading to 80° temps in my room. I, the native San Franciscan with Irish blood, don;t like it. Give me 68° and fog, and I’m happy. Not 80 in my room. Crappy Walgreens fan isn’t doing much.

It’s 4:10. Ten minutes from now, several of my friends will subconciously giggle in their sleep. Assuming they’re asleep. If hey’re awake, I’m sure they’ll start giggling before long.

I just placed a giant picture of Laura (the aforementioned girlfriend) as my desktop. I guess it’s a lesson as to the limitations of pixel-based imaging equipment, scanner- and screen-wise. She sure is beautiful though.

I tried to place a link to her picture here, but angelfire sucks. My website’s linked in my sig, first post here. Look at your leisure.

…4:56… as the train kept a-rollin’ people are a-moving.


She’s gonna take a shower and prepare for school at 7:15, I think I’ll take a walk… it’ll be nice and cool out.

My brain feels a bit clearer too.

OK, it’s 8:47. She’s on her way to her final, and I just took a walk to the beach and back… I’m not tired, but I suspect I’ll be able to sleep OK if I give it a shot. So to the both of you who’ll probably read this thread purely by accident, adieu.

Oh, her pic is working now… she’s in the middle.

Okay, I’ve got a question for you jjtm.

My wife and I are planning make a trip to SF next year to celebrate our 10th anniversary (we met while stationed at the Presidio). When’s Fleet Week? I remember that it was nearly impossible to get hotel rooms during that week. Are there any other times of the summer/fall that the hotels are booked solid?


Truth be told, I can easily beleive that all the fancy, ritzy hotels could be solidly booked; the ones along in the Marina/Cow Hollow/Fisherman’s Wharf and Union Square/Downtown Areas. But there are quite a few smaller hotels that are quite adequate, at the very least. There’s a few along Ocean Beach that are quite charming. While they’re on the opposite end of town, hey, it’s a tiny little town. I admit I’m quite ignorant about the hotels in the City (I live here, I don’t need 'em ;)). But I know there’s a lot of 'em, and I doubt every decent hotel room would be booked, unless you just waltz into a lobby on Union Square when you arrive in the City.

Try - it’s a good all-around Bay Area guide, including a short list of hotels in and around the City.