It's a ... a 1950's style death ray

with newly updated styling

Oooooooh, I want one!

Sweet wicked freak’in awesome!!! I really want one of those!

sorry, you can’t have one.

there’s only one.

and it’s MINE ALL MINE

“Please use responsibly.”


It is shiny, though, isn’t it?

yessss, preciouss is ssshinyy. isssn’t preciouss. yess. sshiny.

Just remember, 1950’s style death rays don’t kill people, 1950’s style people kill people.

what’s the half life of a 1950’s style person, Gangster?

I just hate to think of the power of the 2003 style death rays the government has now.

they’re probably not made by electrolux, but by

HA ha ha ha!

(evil 1950s-syle dictator laugh)

It’s not nearly as good looking as the Electros of the early 1950’s…