It's A Certain Lurker's Birthday

One of the largely anonymous frequent readers of the SDMB has just tuned… an indeterminate age. Since this person enjoys his/her privacy, I feel compelled to withold most of the details. Nevertheless, I’d like this person to know that I extend my most sincere gender-neutral non-identifying congratulations.

Happy birthday, my quiet friend! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy birthday, whoever you are.

All of my ages have been off key and out of tune. But happy birthday, SK’s friend, whatever indeterminate age you may have tuned. :slight_smile:

Ah, well, I can’t be prefect all the time. I’m just glad she got a little recognition on this auspicious day.

Oops! I revealed the gender. Oh, well, that lets me turn you all onto this cool comic strip creator. That’s her special birthday strip from me. I don’t think she’ll mind if you look.

Shhh! Its a secret birthday!


Hey! I turned…an indeterminate age…yesterday, too.

And for a second there, I thought I was Sofa King’s friend!

Happy Birthday Lurker and Pantellerite!