"It's a child, not a choice--besides, I need a date next Saturday night...."

Clearly a who man believes that every child is indeed very, very precious.

That is of course supposed to say “man who” not “who man”. Now I guess I’ll have to go flame myself…

Of course he wants abortion providers killed. Every abortion performed means there is on less child for him to be able to leer at and possibly molest. What a sick bastard.

My, oh my, but I am really looking forward to seeing further details about this case . . .

So what happens to the money?
[sub]What a sick bastard, the guys in jail are going to love him[/sub]

According to the article:

Sick, but not entirely surprising. The Catholic Church has suffered from the same heinous contradiction for decades.


Are you honestly suggesting that the Catholic Church advocates both murder of abortion providers and thinks child pornography is good? Or are you just engaging in pointless rhetoric?

I am sure ruadh doesn’t need me to defend him, but I think the point is that …

1 - Find yourself someone who advocates murdering physicians who perform abortions. Chances are pretty friggin’ good he’s Catholic.

and …

2 - The Catholic church has seen more than it’s fair share of child molesters, especially among their clergy.

Does anyone deny either of those statements?

If you think the above post by zyzzyva is at all offensive, flame-worthy, or whatever … don’t attack him.

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I repeat … above post credited to zyzzyva is really Jack Batty’s ramblings

Carry on.

Thank you, JeffB. THe Catholic church does NOT condone child pornography, murder of abortion doctors, or violence such as this. The Church also condemns the death penalty itself.

I may not agree with the church on a lot of things. But to spread lies like this goes against what the SD is all about: fighting ignorance.
Just because the person is Catholic does not mean a damn thing-in fact, find me a site, stating that someone who did this was Catholic. And the church did not condone it.
As far as child molestors who are clergy, well, does that mean that everyone in the church advocates child molestation?

I would deny both.

  1. I think the vast majority of people in the US who advocate murdering physicians who perform abortions are fundamentalist Christians. (Note: the vast majority of fundamentalist Christians do not advocate thise.) Chances are good that many of these people don’t even consider Catholics “true” Christians."

  2. Yes, the Catholic clergy has had child molesters, but I doubt it is “more than it’s fair share.” (God, I hope no one is suggesting quotas for child molesters.) Additionally, the Catholic Church is not the same as a few members of clergy.

No. And not everyone who drives a pick up truck is a redneck either.
It is interesting though when someone who belongs to a group who speaks against murder and child molestation (as well any group should) gets caught doing just that, or advocating it.

I, by no means, think Catholics are nut-jobs. It’s just that whole “pot calling the kettle black” thing that get’s me in a twist.

For fuck’s sake people. I didn’t say the Church advocates killing abortionists or child pornography. It has, however, preached against the “murder” of fetuses whilst simultaneously protecting many of its officials who’ve engaged in the abuse of actual children. That’s a disgusting hypocrisy, and it’s not a “lie”, Guinastasia, even if it isn’t pretty for you as a Catholic to admit. It isn’t for me.

I don’t think many of the kill-abortionists crowd are Catholic, though.

Well, then you should have stated thus, rather than generalizing that the Catholic church always does this for generations, etc etc…
BTW, I’m not really a Catholic, or at least, a practicing one. I don’t go to church, and right now, I’m going through some rather painful examining of my faith.

I’m sorry you misinterpreted what I said, but I stand by it.

Well, that’s another common Catholic affliction (and one which I know all about) - and you must admit the instances of paedophilia by the clergy have only upped the numbers suffering it.

Am I mistaken, or are you seriously claiming that Catholicism is a (the?) main cause of pedophalia? And that a major reason why (Catholic) people aren’t going to mass is because of this?

That would be like me making the claim that the many high school dropouts are leaving school because of what happened at Columbine( or Santee, or [substitute any high school name you want where violence occured]).

Thank you, Starbury. My leaving the church right now has nothing to do with pedophilia in the clergy. And, btw, there are also teachers and doctors and policemen who are child molestors-should we blame the whole profession? Most of the priests I have known were nothing but good people, ditto for the nuns, and I’m better for having known them. To stereotype all priests as pedophiles is insulting.

Some people have said it’s because they’re celibate-that’s what leads to molestation. But, as Fr. Andrew Greeley pointed out, that’s nonsense-there are other people who are virgins and they haven’t molested anyone. And there are married men who are pedophiles.

No, my conflict goes much deeper than that-it’s more about me questioning the Bible and the Gospel and what goes on there, and the idea that if you don’t accept Jesus, you’re not going to Heaven-right now, THAT question is seriously bothering me, and as such, it’s very stressful, and I’ll thank you not to make further insinuations as to why I should leave the church. It’s painful enough as it is.

I think we have managed to completely hijack this thread.

I didn’t read ruadh’s post that way at all. She(?) certainly wasn’t claiming that Catholicism is the cause of pedophilia, let alone the main cause. She did say that pedophilia among the clergy has increased the number of questioning Catholics, but again, not the main reason.

I doubt, though, that 1) pedophilia is more common in the priesthood than elsewhere; 2) that it has significantly affected the number of lapsed Catholics; and 3) that the Catholic Church is “protecting” offenders more than any other organization, and perhaps less. The stories of priests molesting children are so sensational in part because they are so rare.

I agree with these points. The reason that I posted at all was that I disagreed with ruadh’s statement that the Catholic church “protect[ed] many of its officials who’ve engaged in the abuse of actual children.” This seems to give the impression that the Catholic church either encourages or condones child molestation. I think we can agree that this is certainly not the case, right?