It's a chilly, chilly morning: -5C

I’m in Canberra this morning for a meeting. And the temperature is currently (at 8.15) a rather cold -5C.

There’s a heavy frost too. My overcoat is getting its annual couple of days out of the wardrobe.

Do you guys even have those mitts with built-in scrapey things for removing frost from car windows?

If they don’t they can always scrape it off with their pocket boomerang.

Real Canberrans use an old credit card :slight_smile:

It was -6C down where I live but its worth it, on frosty mornings like this we tend to get cloudless sunny days which are perfect for a lunch break taken outside sitting in the sunshine.

I used to go to school on mornings like this in shorts (as was the uniform at my primary schol) :eek:

Never heard of them.

When I lived in Canberra I used the thing out of the fridge, or an old credit card, as **Battle Pope **says.

And the temperature has now rocketed to 8.7C

I’m not sure what those mitts are actually called, but I find “mitts with built-in scrapey things for removing frost from car windows” an amusing term and I like it. (I mean that in a sincere way, not a smart-assey-sarcastic way. :slight_smile: )
As for cold temperatures, it gets down to -40 here in the winter (that’s the same Fahrenheit and Celsius.) Good ol’ Canada, my home and native land… :slight_smile:

Will gladly trade you for a day or two. It was 95 F here today (which is, what, 36 C?), and will be 100 (38?) by Thursday. Don’t care for this heat. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is that? A sharpened ice cube?

We could do with a bit of snow here this week. The temp’s just dropped to 26°C from 33, thank Og. The low tonight is supposed to be 21.

Yesterday it hit 36 or something, 40 when factoring in the humidex. Minus 40 isn’t too bad as long as scraping the car windows with sharpened ice cubes doesn’t come into vogue.

I don’t know what you mean either, Cunctator, and I’m usually pretty good with Australian to American translation.

I’m freezing here in Sydney, so don’t look forward to coming home, although it was 4C above and not below! It’s a balmy 14C here at mid-day.

Credit cards work fine, but they mean a dedicated ice-scraper you carry in your car with an edge on it.

Gleena, former Michigander living in Australia, who is all too familair with snow and ice removal from vehicles

Credit cards don’t work when the ice is half an inch thick, though, as happened twice last winter.

The remote-starter inventor should be awarded a medal.

I’m back in Sydney now, where the temperature feels comparatively balmy.

I meant the scraper that comes with the fridge. You use it to defrost the freezer. Here’s an example.

Ah. I have never had one of those arrive with the fridge!

I suspect it is warmer here than Canberra but it’s cold enough, thanks as I have acclimated long ago.

And here’s an example: mitt with ice scraper from Eddie Bauer. And yes, that’s the product name. The ice scraper has a short handle. You put the mitt on and grasp the handle of the ice scraper; the scraper projects forward through a hole in the end of the mitt, and you don’t have to get your hand cold!

Mind you, regular non-holey mitts and a snow brush (with scrapey thing on the non-brush end of the handle) work better when dealing with any amount of snow accumulation, so the holey mitt gets less use than one might think.

as far as I can tell, the climate of the Thredbo ski area is almost the same as the climate of Toronto. Except that Toronto gets colder in the winter. :slight_smile:

That’s the first time I’ve heard of a fridge/freezer scraper.

I know that scraping a manual-defrost freezer isn’t a good idea, but that dates from the days when the cooling coils in freezers were exposed and easily punctured.

Although not -5 here this morning, the temp got down to -3 and FROZE ALL MY WATERPIPES fuggit. Woke up around 6am, and went to put some water in the kettle for my morning brew, and it piddled-out for a bit then petered-out completely. Luckily I have a copper-urn full of water on the Coonara, so I got me’ coffee.

Alas, the shower had to wait. Pipes thawed at app. 8.50 am.

And I KNOW that people all over the world have to deal with this every winter, but it’s never happened to me before. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tonight they’re expecting similar temperatures, so I’ve got a pile of wood a mile high stacked next to the fire, and I’m filling up the kettle to be sure!

Ha ha. I’m in Brisbane, and yesterday I got ice on my windshield for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Made me late for work by the time I got over the shock and did something about it.

I do hope the carbon tax brings the old weather pattern back! :wink:

You’re lucky they didn’t break from expanding ice.

But maybe one or more did. It would be wise to examine the lengths of all the pipes to make sure there are no leaks.