Whats the Temp outside right now?

Whats the temp where you live? I would love to hear from someplace warm cause its -27c (-17f) hear in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

19.9 C or about 68 F. It is 2.15 AM here.

Me imagines 68. :slight_smile: Hey! what you doing up in the middle of the night?

Who says I’m up?

34f here. Balmy!

Temp went up. It’s 20 at 2 AM. Next reading at 2:30.

40 F / 25 C at 7:25 am in San Francisco. It’s rainy and cold (for us) – perfect weather to get us in the Holiday mood.

Holy crap that’s cold! Despite all the wonderful things I learned about Canada from the thread about “what makes Canada great”, this alone is pretty much the reason I will never move there. Brrrrr!:eek:

28f/-2c in Pittsburgh at not quite 11 a.m. Brrrrrr. This is February weather. WTF?

Hi, Calgary! It’s also -27C/-17F down here in south-of-Calgary Alberta.

Thank goodness the car is plugged in. Not that I need to go anywhere, but just in case…

It’s 48 here. Yesterday it was much colder, maybe 35 in the morning, and it took us all by surprise and nobody had a winter coat out yet.

I experienced -17f about 10 years ago in Vermont. I spent the weekend with, among others, two people that had never seen snow or cold. One said that snow looked like “white dirt.”

23 oC/73.4 oF. 21:30, Hyderabad.

30 F (-1 C). Too cold to support human life.

Same here in Cleveland. Hiya!

It’s about 10 degrees F here in Denver this morning. We are haveing an unusually cold December.

Supposed to get down to low single digits tonight.

19 F (-7 C). About 10 inches of snow on the ground, and it’s still falling.

It’s 30F/-1C here in beautiful downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.

weather.com says the current conditions are “light snow” and I looked up from the computer and what do you know? It is lightly snowing. First real snow I’ve seen so far this winter. (Saw a couple flakes the other day, but nothing more.) It’s not really cold enough for it to stick and it’s so pretty right now, like looking into a snowglobe.

According to the indoor/outdoor display, it’s 14.8° F.

FYI, on a PC, Alt + 0176 = °

About 10C (50F) here near London. Gloomy bloody day, though.