It's a GOOD thing! Mom Pride!!!

Just wanted to let you guys know (since a lot of you have followed my son’s story in the past couple years) that he graduates from Navy Boot Camp on Friday - he will be an Electrician’s Mate Fireman!!! He scored all 5.0’s on his tests, his division may have messed up a bit (long story - it takes some folks longer than others to learn to SHUT UP AND KEEP THEIR LOCKERS CLEAN AND MARCH!!! :wink: ), but he is NOW A SAILOR!!! :smiley: He passed his last test (battle stations) and they did the cap ceremony where they exchanged their recruit ball caps for sailor ballcaps - he is now a Sailor with the United States Navy!! It has been a long nine weeks, but he is done - and he did WELL!!

I can’t even begin to explain the pride I have in him.

He’s gonna be a Nuke - the Nuclear Program snatched him up right away (I think I told y’all this before) - and after he has his medical stuff done he’s off to A-School. He’ll have an Associates Degree when he’s done - in 6 months!!! After that, it’s six more months of school and then he either goes the officer route or continues on that career path as an EM.

Dammit - I am SO PROUD!!!

For all the bad stuff that has happened with me getting laid off and my husband not having work - this is the most WONDERFUL thing that is happening - and I just wanted to tell my friends - you all - who have put up with me and my whining since 1999. :slight_smile:

He’s on liberty this weekend after graduation - maybe I’ll introduce him to you guys. :slight_smile:

Anyway - thanks for sticking by me through all these years folks - I appreciate it. And I’m just so HAPPY I have GOOD news to share. :slight_smile:

Yay! Congratulations!!

Yay! for the Sailor! It sure is a GOOD thing. Nice to have kids to be proud of.

Takes some real smarts to get into that program. Good for him!

Many congratulations, to you and him. He’s on the way to a very bright future, if he keeps his wits about him. Tell him an AF Nurse Corps captain that he’s never heard of before tells him welcome to the family.

I’m very happy for you Missy2U! Best of luck to all of you!

CONGRATS! Bet you’ll be walking on Cloud 9 for quite a bit :slight_smile:

Are moms allowed to hug Sailors? In private, at least?

I dunno about sailors, but I hug my Marine every chance I get. Mom’s privilege!