It's a man's world

For some unknown reason all human females die out over a short period of time(say, two years), and we can’t bring them back. Do we perfect cloning before dying out? How will society change? Will certain religious groups stop condemning homosexuals, or just dig in their heals?

I think we’d become much sadder as a species.

I imagine most of the religious groups would preach that it’s the end times and that all are called to celibacy so homo- or heterosexuality would be irrelevant.

The misogynists would have to come to the realization that it’s not women keeping them down, it’s their ugly personalities.

This might cause a drop in funds when the offering plate is passed.

We wouldn’t have to worry about anything. The males would kill each other off or suicide in short order (like a couple of weeks.) There would be no society to worry about.

I can’t imagine living in a world with no women in it. It would be horrible, and I’d be depressed as hell.

After raising my son to adulthood, I’d probably find a nice high place to jump off of.

Cloning would probably still require human ovum to start with. So there would have to be an effort to preserve those. I think it would be good to try cryogenically saving as many (whole) women as possible.

If you have the eggs then you may as well make something new instead of a clone. Although probably select for males because of the prevailing conditions of this scenario.

If the problem of continuing the human species is solved, at least to that extent, then I guess it’s time to think about getting a robot wife. I guess no looking down on otaku perverts anymore. :frowning:
I hope I can get one that transforms into a motor scooter that I can ride for short commutes.

I really think that without any women, the theology of homosexuality is going to be way down on the list of priorities. At least in America, women are and have been historically, pretty key to things getting done in the church. They run the fundraisers, they organize the church decorations, they do community outreach, they get everyone up and out the door for mass.

This was the premise of Phylip Wylie’s novel The Disappearance. George Pal was preparing to make a movie version of it, but died before he could. Some storyboards were published in Cinefantastique.
Frank Herbert (Dune) also treated a World Without Women in his novel The White Plague.

Wow. Worst birthday ever.

I wonder how various religions would cope with and/or explain what happened?

I never read it. How did men handle the situation in the book?

My very first thought was, “OK, what is the least painful way to commit suicide,” because honestly y’all, the idea of living without my SO and my many and sundry sisters would be too much for me to handle.
Perhaps a bit melodramatic, but I may not be in the fringe on this matter. I know men bond with each other, and I have many gay friends who would sail through this with less angst and grief, but most of the men in my cadre would be at a loss without women.

I don’t think anyone, gay or straight, would be sailing through something like this.

Why in the world would you think the urgent priority here is whether we’re sufficiently condemnatory of religious groups?

What are you talking about?

I think that in the ensuing time between when we find out women are dying en masse and when the last one is expected to die off, life will be very harsh for women. There will probably be a large number of men condemning, punishing, and kidnapping them. Men will do horrible things, no woman, old or young, firm or infirm, will be spared.

I was thinking that was a possibility, also. I can see there being a massive effort to get as many women pregnant as possible, and a horrifying percentage of them will not be willing volunteers.

Oh snap!
Seriously, Czarcasm, do you really think we’re that stupid that we can’t see this is another “o noes religion is teh suxor!” threads in disguise? :dubious:

Because, except for a post where I wondered how different religions would handle the situation, the rest of us have been talking about other things?

Half the human race is dying off, with the other half following it into extinction in a few years, and you’re desperate to argue whether certain religious groups will finally manage to be gay-friendly. Source: your OP. :rolleyes: