It's a woman's world

For some unknown reason all human males die out over a short period of time(say, two years), and there is no way to bring them back. Will cloning(or any other method of re-creation) be perfected before humans die out? How will society change? How will religion change?

Can we males escape the die-off by getting gender reassignment surgery real quick? I wouldn’t mind living on a planet where there were all women and no men, and would cheerfully become a woman as the price of admission.

Nope. You’re doomed.

Frozen sperm will buy the species a lot of time with which to work out cloning or some other reproductive method.

This was the premise of Phylip Wylie’s novel The Disappearance. George Pal was preparing to make a movie version of it, but died before he could. Some storyboards were published in Cinefantastique.

(It tuirns out that both men an women survived, but in separated worlds)

Without men to keep them in check, shower bugs would take over the planet.

What happens in those countries where women are oppressed from birth through religious/societal indoctrination? Will they resent outsiders who attempt to enter their countries to help them?

Companies that make stepladders would do very good business.

I’m pretty sure Step One is we all start wearing shorty togas …

First, you need a monkey. Then a worldwide wanderjahr.

Think of all those pickle jars that will never be opened.


Monetary systems automatically convert to shoes and purses.

What about treating female fetuses in-utero with hormones to make them develop as males?

Do all the men continue to die out, even the ones born from sperm banks and frozen embryos, leaving women alone forever, or are you thinking this is a one time deal and if humanity could survive it would eventually revert back to a 50/50 mix?

Barbarism, in a heartbeat. Too much infrastructure is dependent on men and it’s highly unlikely that two years is enough for women to pick up the slack, even if it’s clear from the outset that two years is all they have to prepare. The oil stops being pumped and shipped, the roads aren’t being mended, the electricity goes out, the food is not making it to the shops or even the warehouses, the sewage isn’t being treated… where do we stop, really?

Religious intolerance is the least of the survivors’ worries. :rolleyes:

Interesting question. Would those so treated actually be able to generate viable sperm? (Presumably it would all be XX sperm, if so.)

Won’t work. Males are gone and can’t be brought back.

Males are gone and can’t be brought back.

OK, if males are gone and can’t be brought back, Mrs. Cake has the first step.

First, all men have to whack off for the good of humanity. There will be a great drive. Signs and slogans. Think of the children!

Then it’s either shifting females to produce sperm, as** ZenBeam **suggested, finding a way to combine eggs to produce zygotes, or lab growing organisms that produce human sperm. (No, not dicks in jars. More like organoids.) Because cloning has its limits.

And I really hope that we’d be working on how to stop whatever’s killing off the men. Yes, Plan B to save the species, but with so many dying friends and relatives, the money’s going to be going into looking for a cure.

Since all human males are gone and can’t be brought back the women will kajigger a way to make chimpanzee sperm viable with human female eggs and make monkeymen. After several generations of successfull breeding Earth will become the Planet of the Apes. The monkey-people will remake the world into their new image and there will finally be a chimpanzee Abraham Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial.