It's a thrift store! It's an auction -- IT'S BOTH!

Not sure if I like it or not yet (it’s taking perfectly good stuff out of the Goodwills for me to find!) but it’s an interesting idea, and some of the prices people are bidding are fascinating to see!

Look upon it as a chance to indulge two passions at the same time. And all for a good cause.

I didn’t DARE open it. I’m in too much debt already.


Of course I opened the link, but I didn’t go further than that. That’s what I meant.


I love that place. There aren’t any decent Goodwills where I live. We have stores called Volunteers of America that are really nice though. Using the auction, I’ve picked up a few things from the Goodwill just the other side of the state.

Not to long ago, they had a nice, used luxury car on auction. I think it was a Benz. You never know what you’re going to find thrift store shopping.

Thanks for posting the site. I wondered where all their really nice stuff WENT.