It's all about me. (Photos)

Last year my sister gave me some photos of me when I was very short. I finally got around to scanning them. I case anyone is interested, [url=“”]this is how I looked in the 1960s.

Fixing the link.

Thanks for sharing. I love the 50’s style kitchen! Cute kid, too. :wink:

Heh, I guess you’d have to be mad, bad and dangerous to wear a bow-tie. What sweet pics, heliboy!

You were the cutest kid! I recently searched through a bunch of old photos, and I couldn’t recognize half the people in them. My mom would say, “Oh, that’s your second cousin Cindy, we grew up with her,” but I would file them away as, “a relative.”

The photos completely reminded me of my grandmother’s house, which looked strikingly similar in 1995, ashtray collection and all.

Usually that’s followed by “What happened?” :stuck_out_tongue:

The funny thing is that my nephew looks just like I did. My sister showed him the photos and he said, “Where’s my train?”

I drove by the neighbourhood a few months ago. A co-worker and I were out to lunch and happened to be in the area.) It’s an historical structure now, but the rest of the area has completely changed.

Geez, I wish I were as cool now as I was back then! Hm. I wonder where I can get a bow tie? Do they go with jeans? :smiley:

Heh! The funny thing is, you really still look like that kid.

Sure, you’ve gained a few feet - and maybe even more pounds. But whereas some people’s faces change a lot over the years, yours apparently hasn’t all that much.

“Voorhees”: was your grandmother Dutch?

My maternal grandfather was of Dutch ancestry.

AAAAhhhhh those are cute pictures. You are so lucky, I don’t have any of me when I was that age. Hang on to them guy.

Oh my GOD! You were the cutest kid ever! That cowboy pic is absolutely adorable, it really is. You shoulda been doing commercials.


What a doll!
But I feel so left out since everybody else seems to have seen recent pictures to compair to.

Well, Coldie has seen me in corpus. I don’t have many pictures of me, but there are a few here.


Wow Johnny, you had some cool toys.

what a wittle cutie, yes you are! What a handsome little man!

Seriously, those are some great pics. What a cutie pie. And I think Coldfire is right, you can still see something in the face (eyes, maybe) that looks like you today.

I love your reference to “the blonde”. Isn’t it funny how you come across old pictures and wonder who some of the people are?

(Also from Bladerunner, I believe!) Interestingly enough…

I have a Stetson that looks just like the cowboy hat I’m wearing in the pics. Same colour, same band, same brim shape. In the pic of me with the cars, you’ll notice one is a Jeep Wagoneer and the other is a Jeep CJ. Today I drive a Jeep Cherokee and I have a Jeep CJ2A. I don’t have my own train though. :wink:

It’s hard to keep track of names when you’re so small. I think The Blonde was the daughter or granddaughter of my grandmother’s neighbour, but I’m not sure.