Share a photo of yourself and a parent at the same age!

Here’s a fun little project. Share a photo of yourself at any age you want. Then share a photo of one (or heck, both) of your parents when they were the same age you were in your picture. It’s fun to see how much we resemble our moms and dads! I’ll go first.


My mother.

Man, I wish I had a few pics. My nanna currently has the pic of my dad as an infant on the couch, on his tummy and one of me in the same position and on the same couch. People always ask why one’s in colour and the other in black and white.

But a picture of my mum and I will have to suffice: you can see the resemblance here.

And a pic of Dad and I for reference. (Clearly not identical anymore…)

Here’s my Dad, me, and my Mom all around 6 years old.

My dad, 18 - Captain of his high school basketball team. This is a shitty picture, but it’s the only one I have.

Myself, 18 - you have to look hard for the resemblance but we have the same nose.

Everyone says I look exactly like my dad and if I had a better picture of him you’d see it too.

I read this as “post a picture of yourself and a parrot at the same age.” Pics to follow when the husband shows me how to put them in the computer

Well, They aren’t the best pictures. I don’t have many of me in my younger days, and I don’t have many of my parents in their 30’s.

So here’s what I came up with:

My parents at 23/24 - (With me.)

Me (standing) at 23 - (With my sons and my youngest sister.)