Your resemblance to your same sex parent at your current age.

Do you at your current age resemble your same sex parent when they were the same age? Are you ordinarily considered to take after said parent?

Me: Male, 29. Yes. No

Looking at the picture, my complexion is lighter, he has curly hair to my straight and I am a slightly plump lawyer to his uber fit Army officer, but if you juxtapose the picture you would assume a close relation.

Not even a little bit. We work together and I constantly get confused for him on the phone. Even when his friends call, they’ll start talking (often times with way TMI) until I stop them, but IRL, I look nothing like him. I look slightly like his brother (whose taller and skinnier, but that might be the facial hair. If my mom had brothers, I’d probably look like them.

For a good comparison, when I was in college I found a picture of my dad from when he was about my age, he looked exactly like Hyde from That 70’s Show. I was probably closer to Eric Foreman.

The only things I got from my mom lookswise are the gap between my front teeth, chubby thighs, and a tendency to bruise easily. Otherwise I look just like my dad, and lately when I look in the mirror I’m shocked to see my paternal grandma.

A lot like my father. He and I resemble each other more than we resemble other members of our family. Both my brothers look much more like their cousins, uncles, and grandfather. My relatives of his generation have always commented on how much I look like him, and now I hear how much my older son looks like me. People often say my younger son looks like me even though he’s not biologically related.

For interesting ideas of what constitutes resemblance you can see this thread.

Male, 63. Although I have some of my father’s features I’ve never really resembled him at any age. Same goes for my mother, fwiw.

I do resemble my mother’s father.

Nope. I don’t resemble anyone in my immediate family - I have a different hair color, hair texture, skin color, eye color, nose shape, and basically everything else than my mom. I used to imagine I was an alien, beamed down from space. :smiley:

Yes, I take after Pops Mercotan very closely. Folks who knew him (he passed nearly 2 decades ago) often recognize me as his son, even if they’ve never met me.

When I was younger - teens/early 20s - I think I resembled my mother a lot. Now that I’m 60, I see a lot more of my father’s mother and sisters when I look in the mirror. Except for the wigs. My aunts all wore wigs from their 60s on because that side of the family has very thin hair. I haven’t gotten to that stage, and honestly, I can’t imagine that I would. My husband and I can go bald together! :smiley:

Altho, when I was a teen working in my dad’s office, his minions all remarked how much I looked like him. Either they were trying to suck up to the boss, or because they knew him lots better than my mom, they saw features that matched his. I never saw it back then.

I had always thought that I took after my dad, but I recently saw a picture of myself taken from a non-posed angle, and I was totally blown away by how much I look, in my old age, like my mother. It literally could have been her in the photo.

I saw an old photo of my dad when he was about my age a few years ago (when I was 23 or so), it was a profile, in black and white, and it looked A LOT like me.

In appearance, I don’t resemble my father at my current age very much: hair and eye color, facial structure, and build are all different.

There must be something similar, though, because for years, people would mistake us for one another, or for my brother. I believe it was more in mannerisms and the general way we moved than in appearance. Even that’s gone by the wayside now, I think–years of martial arts and swordfighting have had an effect on my habits.

I look like my mom’s sister. And actually like that sister’s son ( we have baby faces).

Mom is short and dark and when she was young she was sexy thin. I’m tall and light and I’ve never been thin.

At my age she had 2 kids so she was fat like I am. But no one would ever confuse us. No one would even assume us related really.

Male, 52 – not very until now. We have the same tendency to paunch up quickly if we’re not careful about the food/exercise but otherwise face/eyes/skin tone/hair are mostly my mother’s. However I’m starting to see with the advancement of age the beginnings of the jowls that are a trait of that side of the family, and can tell that even though he’s more fair-skinned than I am, I will also be beset by spotted skin as I age.

I can’t answer for myself and my parents because I’m adopted. Although people say me and my adoptive mother look a lot alike.

But I can answer for my husband - he is a duplicate of his father. When his mother died, people at the wake commented on it constantly. They were calling him “Stash” (his father’s nickname). It’s pretty uncanny - he’s in his 50’s - if I didn’t know better, and was just shown a picture of his dad at the same age, I’d say it was the same person.

My daughter and son and I all look very much alike - well their 20 something year old selves and my used to be 20 something year old self. However, I have a picture of my son, my daughter, me and my grandaughter that was taken last year - it’s blindingly obvious that we’re related.

Nevermind - changed my mind.

Don’t think I look much like Dad, although we have the same complexion. When I’m clean shaven, which is almost never, I look just like my oldest brother.

Me: male 36. No and no. I strongly resemble my opposite sex parent instead.

I look like a female version of my father, uncannily so.
Thankfully minus the back hair and wildly luxurious eyebrows; he was a hairy guy. But my build, coloring and facial features is all Dad.

My younger sister looks JUST like our mother, though.

I look so much like my mom that once a friend of hers (who had never met me before) saw me on TV and immediately knew who I was. Many of my older relatives, like my great aunts, were a little freaked out when they first met me (I was 10 at the time) because of the strong resemblance.

My sisters and I have always looked more like each other than we look like either parent. We’re each pretty much the same blend of the two of them.

So I have ways in which I resemble my dad, and ways that I don’t. You’d never confuse a pic of me with a pic of my dad at age 60, but you’d see some resemblances.