It's all my fault !

Ignorance has reared it’s ugly head in the LIONsob’s workplace. There have been a couple of people complaining about working with him, and it’s my fault.

We have been open with the fact that I have Hepatitis C. I am open about it because I need to let people know this dragon lurks out there. He is open about it at work because I am often ill and we know as time goes by this will most likely become worse and he will have to take time off to help me. Now folks think they are in danger of getting this, even though he does not have it.

I have printed out information for him to take to work, maybe that will help. This is not passed by casual contact. It is blood to blood.

I just feel so bad for putting my husband in this position.

Tell them people at work to bugger off. He cannot be fired or forced to resign due to the fact that he has been exposed to Hep-C. If he is, sue some them. Hard.

This is plan and simple discrimination. Make sure the supervisors know, and this will quickly be nipped in the bud when the talk of lawsuits starts floating around.

On the other side: I am sorry that you are going through this. My mother has Hep-C, so I know how tough it can be. I wish you good luck.

I was just wondering where you were.
It was a different subject dealing with my mom and her problem, and I know that we have talked about our moms before, but I needed someone around who understands what I am going through.

It is so bad when people have no idea what is going on in their own world.
I am sorry that you are going through this on top of all the rest of the stuff you have to deal with.
It’s not your fault, it’s their fault for being uneducated and making a bad judgement call instead of finding out what was going on and the risks, or lack thereof in working with your husband.

BTW, besides this new emotional stuff, how have you been? Like I said I was wondering about you which turned into worry since I haven’t seen you around.


grrrrr…I often wonder if I’m in danger of “catching” the ignorance and prejudice of the people I deal with.

You’re in my prayers, sweetie.

Hey, maybe you could convince your sisters that they could get it over the phone, especially when they call around midnight 'cause that’s when it’s the most contaigous.

:wink: (Still visualizing the eggbeater-helicopter thingie)


Rob, I know he can’t be fired for it. He couldn’t even if he did have it, It is covered under the Americans with Disabilitys act. I just hate that he is having to deal with this too. He already has to put up with me ! I am sorry to hear about your Mom, have you checked out the link in my sig ? There is some great information there.

Kricket, Hey ! I’ve been around, just a little quieter than usual these days. If you need to talk email me, I’m listed .
I’m doing pretty well at this point, tired down to my soul most days but ok.

poopah chalupa, you are one of the loves of my life ! Thank you for the prayers and the hug.

tbea925, Hehehehe, I hadn’t thought of that ! Maybe I could tell them that researchers have just discovered this amazing fact. But then I would just be adding to the ignorance that already abounds about this disease. Sucks !
The eggbeater - helicopter thingy has been in my family for a long time, it is generally said in response to *I want you to come see me * How am I supposed to get there ? Stick an eggbeater up my ass and go by helicopter ?

What do you mean, it’s all your fault? It’s not your fault that the Lion’s coworkers are ignorant dickheads.

No it’s not my fault that they are ignorant dickheads, ** but ** I feel horribly guilty that this is causing him any problems at work.

Feh. Don’t you worry about it one minute more. We’re talking about people here–and people love to worry about things even after all threat has been removed. But will they wear their stinking seat belts or let someone else drive home from the bar? It’s just our nature to worry about the stuff we can’t do anything about and blow off the stuff we can fix.

(please excuse the broad generalization above, as well as the broad doing the generalizing…)

Your husband is a clever man. Within days he’ll having them all educated and feeling better for the teaching. Worse case? Wait a week until the next psuedo-crisis pops up and they’ll forget all about you.
We, on the other hand, will not forget about you. We think of you every day. Take care, okay?