It's All Your Fault, Dad! (Pitted Solely For Religious Content)

Dad, I just wanted to go on record as saying it’s all your fault I’m the sort of Christian I am. You see, you moral, agnostic, engineer, you were the one who said to me on more than one occaision, “If God can’t tell the difference between a man who goes to church every Sunday but who does awful things the other six days of the week and one who does good things every day of his life but never darkens the door of a church, He’s not worth worshipping.” You taught me to think critically, to analyze what people said, and look at the arguements behind it. You taught me the importance logic, common sense, and independent thought. Through your genes, you also gave me your quick mind, stubborn heart, and strong will.

Someone said human beings tend to build God in the image of their own, earthly fathers. As a teenager, I would have denied that fiercely, saying my God was far more compassionate than I thought you were then. Now, I can see how I might have done that, since the God I worship approves of and encourages logic, reasoning, independent thought, and common sense, just as you do.

Dad, it’s thanks to you that I look at the whole person, rather than just one aspect of his or her character, and thanks to you that I consider reason and common sense a gift from God which is to be used, rather than accepting unquestioningly what others tell me. If that makes me a lousy Christian, so be it. You also taught me to accept the consequences of my actions.

One other thing. Since there’s no chance you’ll come out to this message board and see this post, I figure I can be as soppy as I damn well please. I love you. Thank you for being who you are, and for doing the best you know how to do.

Your daughter,

Wow, it’s like a Bizzaro version of a Church-of-Latter-Day-Saints commercial.

You are a wonderfully strong woman with a heart of gold CJ. I love you the way you are.

Praise be we’re friends.

Big hugs to you darlin’.

This is far too sickly-sweet for The Pit…

Why don’t you print this out and send it to him? It’ll make him very happy.

*Originally posted by cjhoworth *
Someone said human beings tend to build God in the image of their own, earthly fathers. QUOTE]

If this is true, it’s no wonder I’m an atheist.

So God is a short, bald, pudgy accountant named Norman? :eek:

Actually, that would explain a lot of things …