It's been blowing since Tuesday

‘The wind blew, the shit flew, and there stood [name].’

Tuesday was a commuting day, 115 miles from our house to Seattle. I left before 0530 and was getting blown all over the road. It was blowing Wednesday. And yesterday. The wind is still blowing. Mrs. L.A. texted me a few minutes ago to say that the power just went out at her hotel in Issaquah, about 120 miles south of here.

Some shingles on the rustic old shed in the back yard are askew or blown away. (I haven’t had a chance to look closely yet.) Mrs. L.A.'s angel figurine was blown over. I left it. Why not? It’ll just get blown over again, right? I put up 8-foot wide and 10-foot wide shades on one side of the deck, under the roof. I’ve rolled those up.

But the one little branch that fell into a cedar bough when we had a couple of maples cut down several months ago is still stuck up there. :rolleyes:

I’m hoping the power doesn’t go out here. I haven’t had the generator tuned up in a three or four years, and the last time it got any use was two years ago.

I just went over to Facebook, and Whatcom County Scanner Report posted a map of outages up here. Looks like the power is out a couple of miles from here.

Hey, our wind is up too. In Arkansas. Been kinda blustery all day. If you blow by I’ll wave at you, Johnny.

I couldn’t start the generator. I really hope the power doesn’t go out. I changed one of the mantles in the Coleman lantern though, so at least I’ll have light. And I have the MSR stove and the Coleman stove (and some Svea 123 stoves) so I can cook and have coffee. But I want to have electricity.

I crossed my fingers for you. My electric been bumping off and on all evening.

I went to get the mail. I got out of the car and the wind blew my sunglasses off my head. Then it took away a box from the mail.

Then a house fell on my wife. :wink:

its reminding you of down here …. maybe it missed ya ?


Down there, there aren’t any trees to fall on power lines!

well mostly true ,but its still windy as hell ……………… and cold … the last great flood wiped out the pilot light

It’s been blowing since Tuesday

Yeah, but it’s been sucking since I can’t remember when.

It’s been blowing since Tuesday

Yeah, but it’s been sucking since I can’t remember when.

I think I’m SW of you, Johnny. I was at the mall earlier this evening, and the lights were flickering. The wind set off the fire alarm, but despite the hellacious noise, nobody seemed…alarmed. They just continued milling around. Surreal.

If the power goes, I’ll try to feel my way to my gym, .5 miles away. They have a kickass generator and hot showers, and food, if you count overpriced protein bars as food.

Meanwhile, at the opposite corner of the country, we had a thunderstorm last night. In mid-December. It happens but it isn’t at all common.

It looks like it’s blown itself out. The power stayed on last night. The forecast shows normal winds for the next 10 days.

I’ll go out today to see if I can find a small-engine repair place open so I can have the generator if I need it eventually.

Windy last night in Auburn. Had to go out and rescue a couple Christmas items before they were blown away. Neighbor’s new green house is a pile of plastic and tubing this morning. Didn’t lose power at the house but Comcast did at some point, no TV or internet for about 45 minutes. In-laws in Newcastle lost power for a few hours too.

Huh. Read your post and assumed you were just down I-80 from Reno, since there is both an Auburn and a Newcastle close by.

Then I looked and you are in Washington? How 'bout that!

Mrs. L.A. bought a greenhouse a couple/three years ago. She never got to use it. The wind shredded it pretty quickly – fibreglass rods broken, plastic torn…

A lawnmower shop down in Ferndale that’s open 8:00 to 3:00 today, so I took the generator in. It probably won’t be done today. They’re closed Mondays, and Tuesdays I commute to Seattle; so it will be Wednesday before I can pick it up. Worst-case scenario is the carburettor needs to be repaired or replaced (potential parts are $48 for two of them, plus another; new carb is $65). I told the guy that it would only run when it was used two years ago, when the choke was on. He showed me an example carb to illustrate what might be the problem. He estimated it shouldn’t go more than $125 to service. (‘If it’s $40, then it will be $40.’) That’s better than $1,400 for a new generator, which is what the Honda eb3000c goes for nowadays.

The wind didn’t show up here in Tacoma until about 3 PM yesterday.
We stopped at a grocery store at about 4:30 and then waited outside their door in their slightly-less-windy alcove, passing a bit of time before heading to a nearby bus stop. A worker came out and attempted to sweep up the leaves that had gathered. She said a customer had complained about some of them getting into the store. :rolleyes:

The wind let up about 9, I think. Once again the Douglas fir out front has proved it is made of sterner stuff than I give it credit for.

Wind on the water

Well, it’s blowing up a storm again. I think this is the strongest it’s been.

The mower shop had to order a new carburettor for the generator. They might receive it today.