It's been two years since the transplants

Two years ago today I recieved my new liver and kidney. They seem to be working OK, I just have some minor problems to deal with, mostly side effects from the meds I’m required to take now.

When it happened, I got the liver and kidney from the same donor- a man who had a stroke and was brain-dead, just older than me. I was told that the other kidney and possibly other organs were used in other transplants.

I was wondering what the pros and cons of seeking out my ‘kidney brother’ would be, if it was even a good idea. i wouldn’t mind comparing notes with them on the post-op care and recovery, and how they were doing overall. Does anyone want to weigh in on this? Should I seek them out, and if so, how would I best go about it?

I’m glad you are doing well! Is there a third party involved through which you would contact the other donee so they could agree or decline to talk with you?

I’ve know a couple of post-transplant people and asked them about this.

Now, the media would have you believe that meetings of this sort - between fellow recipients and/or the donor family and recipient(s) are all sweetness and butterflies but that’s ain’t always so - there can be all sorts of emotional pitfalls involved. It can get very ugly.

Congratulations on your 2-year anniversary. I don’t know about kidneys, but liver transplant is a hell of a procedure.

Honestly, I have no idea how to start. I just posted this to get the reaction to the idea, and to celebrate that I made it for two years so far.