It's chi-pote-lay, dammit.

If your franchise is anything like the one we got here:

no chipotle salsa
cant have chipotles on the side or as an add on
no chipotle flavored tortilla


(incedentally, chipotles are smoked jalapenos in adobo sauce, I put too many of them in some black beans and rice I made the other day and my wife got pissed it was so spicy)

That being said, good grub at that place.

oh, and also

the best “wrap” place I’ve ever experienced is “the black bean” in Flagstaff AZ

I have it on good authority, CBEscapee, that they make as big a mess of american food in Mexico as we do here with mexican food.
Many mexican-americans have succumbed to the norte-style burrito. With rice. Not to mention the crispy taco. :slight_smile:
Chipolte’s rice is good

Which reminds me of a radio commercial:

Americano #1: Juh lap’ uh no

Americano #2: (correcting #1) Ha luh peen’ yo

Native speaker of New World Spanish: (correcting #2) Haa laa pay’ ñyo

If you’ll click on the link above it’ll take you to their website. Click on “eat” then “menu”, scroll down a little to the ingredients, and you’ll feel a lot better.
Chipotles, all over the place. :wink:
Not as sides, though. Maybe a little extra adobo would be nice.
BTW; chipoltes themselves are just ripe japapenos, dried and smoked. Usually.

So true. So many foods often associated with Mexico are Tex Mex and can be pretty hard to find in Mexico:

American Football-sized burrito with at least fifteen ingredients

Tacos with lettuce and/or shredded cheddar cheese


Taco Salad


Liquified Cheedar Cheese smothered Nachos

That’s good to hear, I’m glad they have them somewhere.

I grilled the manager at our local branch about this very issue; He said there wasn’t any chipotles in anything they made. Caused a scene, embarrased my friends
(I don’t know if I’m now banned from just that one location or all the franchises now, but i’ll do more research if possible)

This thread has thoroughly pissed me off. Not only do they pronounce chipotle wrong, the nearest restaurant is 352 miles from here. :frowning:

Probably, but I’ve never seen anyone here claim it to be authentic !! :slight_smile: And then I wonder exactly what is american food?

I bow to your knowledge, then. I will just shut up and enjoy another delicious burrito, with or without the… um… er… smoked jalapeño pepper! :slight_smile:

What have we been talking about all through this thread? :smiley:
I asked a brazillian guy what was the most popular brazillian food.
He said “pizza”. I swear he did, and he was serious.

Having eaten Mexican food in Germany, I don’t want to hear anything about us Americans not doing it right! :smiley:

No no, its ‘Cha-Ko-Tay’. Thank God that show’s off the air now anyway. I wonder how hard it was for him to scrape off that damn tattoo anyway… :lol

Just once I would like to see a new Mexican chain restaurant advertise itself as inauthentic, right out there on the road sign in huge backlit letters.

Athena what part of the UP are you from? If you’re near Iron mountain you have made yourself a trade.

Instead of mexican, you’ve got Schinderlie’s bakery; the Chippewa Club, Romagnoles, that sub shop w/ the putt putt course and the best damn steaks ever if you buy from Oliva’s market…

Had I lived up there much longer, I would now be a very large but very happy girl!

The funny thing is this:
Wife and I were in mexico visiting the in-laws. They specifically asked for us to bring a taco bell spice packet so we could make ground beef like they have at taco bell.

We also ate alot of hamburgers, sandwiches, and lasagne. Authentic mexican hamburgers etc. mind you.

and chipotles are only in the marinade for the barbacoa and the chicken fajitas.
Besides, I think they only added them cause I raised such a ruckus.

We tend, sometimes I think, to try to draw hard lines between authentic this and authentic that where none really exist.
Where cultures contact, they blend. Good. I’m glad for Taco Bell.
And thanks, greck for the chipotles in the barbacoa. And in the chicken.

Barbacoa = barbeque, some say.

So have we decreed that it is
chi-po-tl, not chi-po-tlay or anything else?

Who’s going to tell the American Heritage Dictionary?

Hehe, remided me of the old Saturday night live skit with Jimmy Smits and all the white actors were speaking in horribly exageratated Latin accents." How is the situation in Nee-carrrrr-ahh-gwah?

Is there a specific name for roasted Seranos?. (I have a personal cospiracy theory that Jalepenos have been wrecked over the years by people trying to breed them milder so all the morons who want to say they like hot pepers can eat them, and in the process have destoyed the taste so they are now all waxy tasting) So I look for other roasted peppers, but I can’t find them, and I was wondering if I’m missing them because they hve a specific name.