It's chi-pote-lay, dammit.

Not chi-pole-tay.

C’mon, ain’t it chi-PO-tl?

Not chip-i-top-lay?

Just go.

yeah, but you gotta admit it is fun to watch “Jack” screw it up over and over and over while his mouth keeps getting drawn as a new squiggle each time.

That commercial cracks me up every time.

Chippy-ootle-leetle-lay, right?

Jack? No, not Jack. this place.
I’m serious here.
People who work there correct me. “That’s chipolte, sir”. College kids. Look at your freakin’ sign.

They opened a Chipotle near me recently, and a friend and I were driving past it and I said, “Hey, we should check out that new chi-pote-lay place sometime soon”. My friend actually had the nerve to laugh at me and say, “It’s pronouced chi-po-tel!”.

Needless to say, I had the last laugh when we got home and looked it up.

Oh, and we did eventually eat there. Good food!

Oh, yes, good food.
The barbacoa is great. If you want more something, just say so. You have to beg for cilantro.
Problem is, they don’t have soft corn tortillas. And they don’t know how to pronounce the name of their own store.

Even Emeril says it wrong. 'Course he gets a lot wrong.
Bam that, Emeril. Ya big goof!

Those unfamilar with any particular foreign language do have an annoying tendency to pronounce words of foreign origin as it might be pronounced if it were a word of their own native language, especially if the vowel sounds of the foreign word are pronounced differently or do not even exist in the native language.

I believe it’s chi-po-tle. The tl is a single consonant.

I think we might be saying the same thing. Go to the link I supplied above, and click on the sound icon next to the word… there’s an audio wav file of the correct pronunciation.

The barbacoa with salsa verde, corn, and sour cream + cheese is JUST BARELY edged out in my favorite burrito category by The One True Burrito : Carnitas Fajita Burrito.

I can eat two.

Mr. Cynical! I thought that you had left us forever. Welcome back.

IMO, one of the biggest indicators of a non-native speaker is saying -lay for words containing or ending in le.

it should be -leh not -lay.

for example:
Leche: Leh-che not Lay-che

Queso is often said Kay-so when it is Keh-so.

CBEscapee is correct that the tle is one syllable.

For English speakers, the best way to say it:


I add the H because writing it “po” makes it sound like it sould read poe, which it doesn’t.

Not that it matters anyway. In Mexico, burritos like that are never served (to the best of my knowledge). The burritos I know are more typical in size to a ‘breakfast burrito’.
They usually only contain one ingredient.
I have never ever had a burrito with rice in it, in Mexico.

I brought a chipotle-style burrito home to Mom once and she asked me what kind of food it was, and how unusual that it was in a tortilla.

Which brings me to another gripe:
Tortillas are not to be steamed! Arg! They taste raw and doughy!

This concludes my post.
Now you all know why Mr. Baboon hates going out to eat Mexican food with me.

Sorry Anamorphic but the pronunciation at your link definately seperates the tl phoneme. Also the written phonetic description does the same. The tl is one sound with a soft t.

I am writing from the muncipality of Ci-hua-tlan!


Cha-pottle cha-pottle BANG BANG!

Cha-pottle cha-pottle BANG BANG we love YOU!

You people are cruel, cruel, cruel. God I miss Chipotle Burritos!

Yesterday Mr. Athena ran to the local burrito place. He brought something back that was almost, but not quite, completely NOT Mexican. There was no trace of any Mexican-y spices or flavors. No cumin, lime, or chili. The salsa they gave us with it had a distinctive dairy taste - there was either sour cream or mayonnaise in it. The tortillas were pastry like, as if made by Northern European immigrants more used to making pie crusts. I’m not saying it was bad food - it was rather tasty. But it was not a burrito.

Other people in town have concurred with us, but for the wrong reasons. For some reason, they don’t like it that they put rice in the burrito. I’ve heard that from more than one person - “Oh yeah, it’s not really Mexican. Who puts RICE in BURRITOS?” Ummm… just about every Mexican style restaurant west of Colorado?

Luckily, I’ve just about perfected my burrito recipe. The only thing I have to figure out is the corn salsa. Hmm… maybe burritos for dinner tonight…

Cha-pottle holds a special place in my heart, as it’s where I met my lovely girlfriend…and got free food.

It’s a tough call, though, between Chipotle and LaBambas (Burritos As Big As Your Head.)

Ah, yes, the beloved Chipotle, where I met the man of my dreams… :slight_smile: Mr. thinksnow and I met there and enjoyed some free food at a store that was just opening.

I’m partial the chicken fajita burritos with lots of guacamole!! :slight_smile:

Damn…now I’m hungry.