It's deja vue all over again! Now it's Arab terrorists instead of commies, Japs

and Germans. When I was a kid in the late 40s, early 50s, we played WWII games. I remember playing Kamikaze and diving into imaginary ships with my little friends. I thought the word “German” had something to do with “Germs.”
Later, I was on the alert for “Commies” as a 10 year old. Not to mention the “Duck and Cover” drills and helping the Civil Air Patrol by looking for Russian planes.

So the current pre-occupation with terrorists, etc. is not so new to me. IT is deja vu all over again!

Were there Communist Action Figures in your time?

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I think they came latter. I remember having a Yuri Gagarin poster in the '60s in my college dorm room.

Did’ja REALLY think the military and their friends were going to say,
“Oppps, no more bad guys. We won’t need any more toys, thank you?”

The USA REQUIRES an enemy. If no one presents itself, we will DECLARE an enemy.

and we WILL secure every last inch of the pipeline from Kazakhstan to the Arabian Sea

Well, Yuri was dreamy.

Huh. I could’ve sworn I remembered something about people flying passenger airliners into office buildings full of civilians and thousands of people being killed and the whole Manhattan skyline being radically altered in an hour and the Federal government grounding every single non-military aircraft in the U.S. for several days and the President being rushed off to some “undisclosed location” somewhere.

But, hey, my very own Congresswoman thinks that maybe that was all just part of The Plot, so what do I know?

Note to M.E. -

those bad guys have been around for years - or hadn’t you noticed?

Why are we spending over $10,000,000,000 on Afghanistan?

We could’ve BOUGHT the place for that much.

9/11 - not quite Pearl Harbor, but better than the Lusitania as reasons go.

p.s. - since ObL is still out there, does it mean we wasted our money?

and please explain bushy’s problem w/ Saddam? Afraid he might acheive military parity w/Israel?

You’d think that they could come up with a better name for it than “The Dirty Terrorist.” Why not something catchy like “Jihad Joe”?

And we had U.N. sanctions on them for years, and we even lobbed cruise missiles at them a few times. Then came the aforementioned terrorist attacks and mass murder of Americans citizens and foreign guests on American soil. They upped the stakes, and now so are we.

Gee, I didn’t think the Taliban had put it up for sale.

Not sure where you got that figure from or what it refers to. Personally, I think we need to spend more money “buying” Afghanistan, something the current administration seems reluctant to do. Not letting Afghanistan slide back into being a hellhole is not only the Right Thing To Do, it’s also a necessary step to keep it from being used as a base for future attacks by the kind of fanatics hellholes breed.


You’ll note we are continuing to spend money to correct that problem.

I think the current campaign of saber-rattling against Iraq is a separate matter from the war against Al-Qaeda (despite the administration’s attempts at “linkage”).

Of course this entire exchange probably belongs in my bailiwick, not over here in MPSIMS.

The Taliban was ALWAY ‘for sale’ - remember the $42,000,000 for halting opium?

The Europeans wanted to use $ to extract ObL, but Super Twit had low numbers, so went to war.

Me? I’d have nuked (30 megaton, single warhead) Kabul and Kandahar - and then see if anyone wanted to up the stakes.

As it it, we have spent the bucks (per Wash. Post, I believe) to restore the pre-Taliban set-up of warlords - just like 1996.

nice. :rolleyes:

but, hey, Twit’s ratings are up…

ah, land wars in Asia - next up: Philippines - you know, just east of 'Nam…