What Is Our War Going To Be Called?

I’ve been trying to think what the press/people will call the upcoming “war” against terrorism.

Possible suggestions:

“The First War of the Twenty-First Century”

“The Afghan Wars”

“World War III”

Any ideas?

I hope it’s remembered in history texts like so:

“…and the threat of any war stemming from the attack was eliminated…”


I hope it will be remembered as “the times in which America showed the world how strong it truly is…not with guns and bombs and war on yet MORE innocent bystanders, but with peace and unity.” After all, an eye for an eye only leads to more blindness…

Good Lord!

I didn’t realize that these would be the responses I would get. I’m certainly not up in arms and ready to enlist but come on!

The Seven-Fifty-A-Gallon War.

Now that’s more like it.

The Proof of Human Stupidity War

The Failure of Fighting Ignorance War

The War To End All War

The Gavrillo Princeps Memorial Conflict


From the listserv in which I participate, I offer the following:

NATO Announces A Third World War Is Almost Upon Us

“If it is determined that this attack was directed from abroad against the United States, it shall be regarded as an action covered by Article 5 of the Washington Treaty,” stated NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, after a meeting of the North Atlantic Council on the evening of 12 September.

Article 5 of the Washingon Treaty stipulates that an armed attack against a member shall be considered as an attack against all. Lord Robertson will now officially inform the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, that the North Atlantic Council has agreed this statement.

During a press conference, Lord Robertson reaffirmed that NATO allies will take such actions as deemed necessary, including the use of force, adding that members shall respond commensurate with their judgement and resources.

Earlier in the day, Lord Robertson, had consulted with EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, and Ambassadors from partner countries had joined NATO allies, within the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, to express their deepest sympathy to the American people. They condemned yesterday’s terrorist attacks and made a pledge “to undertake all efforts to combat the scourge of terrorism.” They added: “We stand united in our belief that the ideals of partnership and co-operation will prevail.”

Meanwhile a Pentagon spokesman hinted towards potential targets being Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria and others. In “a war which would be sustained and fought on many fronts”. If this is not defined as a World War then we beg the question what is. Considering that countries “harbouring terrorists” shall be treated with the same contempt as the terrorists themselves will Ireland and Spain be on the target list considering ETA and the IRA. Indeed our fine capital is home to members of numerous fanatical factions, how will these inactive and non violent representatives be dealt with?

The road ahead is somewhat uncertain, people are beginning to move the finger of accusation from Ossama Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein, the confusion continues, in the meantime the medias anti muslim and anti Arab (those who see it for what it is may say racist) Reporting of the events have led to innocent Arabs across the United States and in London being attacked with verbal abuse, death threats and physical violence. These attacks are random in as much as they are targetted at men, women and children of Arab origin (or perceived to be of Arab origin), regardless of their viewpoint. Once again a success for the global media propoganda machine.

     :(   Looks like it could be WWIII   :(


I’m still trying to figure out what the date of September 11 will be called. December 7 is called “Pearl Harbor Day” which is a short, concise name that anyone with a smattering of knowledge of history will know what you’re talking about - even if they’ve forgotten the actual date.

So what do we call September 11? World Trade Center Day? Doesn’t sound right at all, it’s too long, and it ignores what happened in Washington and Pennsylvania. I’d like to hope that the date “September 11” will be burned in the nation’s collective memory forever… but then there are plenty of people who don’t know the significance of 12/7, and it’s only been 60 years.

What about “Heroes’ Day”?

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How about the War on Terrorism? Hopefully it will be more effective than the war on drugs. We could always call it “The World War,” based on the WTC, not either of the previous World Wars.

-Psi Cop

The Final War Against Hatred. That goes for you too, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson!!!

Well that will confuse future schoolchildren. “First there was World War I. Then there was World War II. Then there was The World War. WTF???!!”

Not to make light of the situation, but it is an amusing thought!

And the survey says, the first phase of the new war will be known as:

Operation Noble Eagle.

[sub]Who comes up with this stuff, anyway?[/sub]

This act occurred on 9/11. How about 9-1-1 day. Truly a wake-up emergency call for the battle against terrorism.

Tom, I suggest Operation Bald Eagle. Smoking holes in the sand will have been caused by the mascot of the country they attacked.