It's finally almost over. Elections take too long.

Anybody not burned out and sick of the ads? Seems like Romney has been at it 18 months. O was unchallenged in the primary but he’s sprinting to the finish line too.

Then there’s the local election ads.

I’m looking forward to Wed. Peace and quiet. No one asking for my vote on anything. Two and half years of peace before the madness starts again.

I’m looking forward to no longer feeling a constant compulsion to check the poll numbers and projections.

This is me right now, pretty much

I’m sick of the yard signs. I’m in rural New England, and they mar the otherwise beautiful landscape.

Don’t worry, folks- the Iowa caucus is only 37 months away.

Doesn’t really bother me. I don’t find political ads anymore disturbing then the “eat at McDonalds” or whatever take their place the rest of the year.

At least McDonalds doesn’t have machines calling people at home to tell them to eat at McDonalds.

We’ll have about of week of rest, then they’ll start campaigning for the *next *presidential election…

I haven’t been on facebook in two months. I swore it off until after the election, just too aggravating. Not sure I miss it.

One more day til the 2016 Election season starts! Yay!

I’m mostly tired of it always being so close. It’s like the whole thing is being edited by a reality TV show.

As someone from Massachusetts, from my perspective, Romney’s been at it since he lost interest in being our Governor in 2004 or so.

I was just thinking the other day it would be nice if campaigning was limited to 90 days. Why do they need more time than that, really? And if negative campaign ads were eliminated, I might be able to figure out what the hell they’re talking about. I don’t pay attention to them because I find them confusing, the whole thing about one candidate and then the end being approved by another one. Just tell me what you’re going to do for me and maybe I’ll vote for you. Instead I have to look all these idiots up online because their ads jumble up and I can’t keep them straight.

Our elections are generally 40 days from dissolving Parliament to voting day. Lots long enough.

The primaries especially make things way too long. But they do serve the purpose that if you stare at someone long enough they are going to prove themselves an idiot in some way.

We could get to that quicker if in the debates they had to drink a shot before every question.

What landscape? I can’t see it for the signs.