“Would you like to go for a roll in zee hay? It’s so much fun…roll, roll, roll in zee hay…”


“AH! Sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you…”

“Frau Bluker!” (whinney, neigh!)

“Uh, Abby somebody. Abby Normal.”

And of course…
“Why don’t you go where fashion sits…PUTINONAHWEETTTZ!

“Wow! What knockers!”

“If he got your intelligence, what did you get from him?”

ONLY time I wanted to be Gene Wilder. :smiley:

“It’s Eye-Gore”

What was the name of that movie?

“Walk this way”
“Damn you eyes!” “Too late, they already are.”

Frankenstein’s younger brother.

It rocks:)


He must havea very large Vonschtocker. That would go without saying.

“Could be worse.” Could be raining."

Let me correct myself…

It was Young Frankenstein. Gene Wilder was also in SHerlock Holmes Younger Brother. Sorry for the confusion.



Zat’s right! He vas my BOYFRIEND!

I guess this was too obscure to start a viable thread, but here goes again:

Frau Blucher: Would the doctor care for a brandy before retiring?
Froederick: No. Thank you.
Frau Blucher: Some varm milk… perhaps?
Froederick: No, thank you very much.
Frau Blucher: Ovaltine?
Froederick: Nothing! Thank you. I’m a little tired.
Frau Blucher: Then I vill say… goodnight.
Froederick: Goodnight!

Froederick: Igor, would you help me with the bags?
Igor:(a la Groucho Marx) Certainly - you take the blonde, and I’ll take the one in the turban!

“IIIIIIIIII ain’t got no booooooooody!”

Wasn’t your hump on the other side?

What hump?

“uuh-ii ah uh riiii!!!”
(That’s “Putting on the ritz” for those who don’t speak ‘Monster’)

“Put. Ze cendle. Beck.” is actually a family staple said whenever someone is misbehaving and we need to get their attention.

“Taffeta, darling!”

The couple on the train with the same conversation in English and German.
“Hans! Aber jeden tag!”
“So? Lass ihm! Lass ihm!”

“Elevate me.”
“What? Here? Right now?”

“Sed-a . . . dirty word! He said a dirty word!”

And I often, often use the “Could be worse” line. No one else, outside of my family, has come back with the correct response.

said him a giveative…

oh, 'sank you, Doktor!

Damn, you, fnord! ::rain slashes down; lightning strikes on the forbidding cliff::

You pre-empted my favorite line!

And what does that leave me with?
“Roll, roll in da hay!”
The incoherent Teutonic offical w/ the prosthetic arm ? (Totally unquotable.)
Gene Hackman, the kindly, blind hermit who screws things up with the best intentions? (Visual; perfect; not typable.)

Okay, here’s one that hasn’t been cited yet, but is absolutely, hilariously perfect:

Gene Wilder: (innocently demented; in top coat and tails)
“Man about town…!”
(music swells, suave soft shoe ensues)
“Puttin’ on the Ritz!”
(stomping, clumping, joyous warbling)