It's inevitable.

I will get up, go to the kitchen, put the filter in the coffee machine, put the ground cofee in, turn it on, then go take a shower, come back, and realize that I forgot water.

I will I will make an obvious and important typo in an important document and not catch it untill it’s too late.

I’ll do something that’s dumb as hell and not realize it utill well after it’s well known.

I will lose friends in my career field.

The first day of training when they’re just doing orientation stuff the head guy tells us all, “There are those who have, and those who will. You WILL lose friends. You will bury them or they will bury you. It’s just a matter of time until that happens.”

Kind of depressing if you think about it, so I don’t.

My cordination has gone to terrible.

  1. I will cut my earlobe with the sissors again while triming my side burns.

  2. I will have gouges out of my knuckles tomarrow from my hand hitting something.

  3. I will split open a toe to the bone, if I walk without shoes.

  4. I will fall because I tripped on nothing visable. I think it’s a piece of dust, or a water molecule, because you can’t trip on nothing. Right?

  5. I will knock myself silly on a tiolet flush handle, while on the floor reaching behind the toliet. Having to stay a wake while I felt like blacking out. I hit my temple hard against the handle.

I will invariably end up with at least one “extra” screw after dissasembling and reassembling a PowerBook G4 12" (one of THE MOST service-hostile PowerBook designs), yet the machine will operate just fine

i will reassemble an iMac G5 and forget to reinstall the modem card after i have closed the machine up, thouroughly tested it and returned the machine to it’s box

after i have fully and extensively tested a machine and am unable to recreate the customer complaint, call the customer to let them know the machine is behaving, then and only then will the problem show itself

whenever i have the misfortune to drive a sludgebox equipped vehicle, i will always stomp for a phantom clutch pedal and reach for a manual shifter that doesn’t exist

when playing with my knives, i will invariably cut myself, not when the knife is opening or open, but when the knife is closing, usually just before the point snaps shut into the scales

whenever i make a pot of coffee, i will be out of sweetener and not have any backup sugar packets, honey or even maple syrup as a backup to the backup

I will go on a website like eBay or looking for a cheaper price for something I need and waste more money buying stuff I don’t need.

I will leave the house without the great lunch I made for myself the night before.

I’ll be out somewhere and I’ll sneeze and won’t be able to find a kleenex, napkin or paper towel anywhere. :eek:

I will check this forum again
I will wonder where I went wrong
I will sleep in and be late, then blame it on my alarm clock not going off
I will be gulible and believe someones sob story
I will watch an infomercial, and almost believe I need their product
I will taunt a telemarketer, then baffle then when I *69 them
I will feel the optimism in this forum

:dubious: Jessi, have I got a long distance proposition for you…