It's like some kind of panda cult! (hilarious phot of researcher dressed up as panda)

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. :smiley:

The second picture is almost as hilarious

That is just wrong on so many levels.

Reminds me of this.

Paedo Bear on a whole new level.

And why is that? The background is they don’t want the cubs to get accustomed to humans as they are supposed to be released in the wilderness when they grow up.

Actually, it kind of reminded me of this.

The cubs look to me like they seriously smell a rat. Think about it this way - how would your children react to being cared for by a panda in a people suit?

They look okay with it to me. Not that panda cubs are especially expressive but they seem fine.

I hate the idea of wearing constraining costumes like that. Also of doing actual research. But those parts of the job would be so worth it for the parts where I get to touch BABY PANDAS!!

So instead, they’ll get accustomed to bears that have achieved bipedal locomotion and opposable thumbs. Great. They’ll grow up thinking that someday they’ll be able to do the same, then when they realize they can’t, they’ll spend the rest of their lives ashamed for being some kind of freak.

On the plus side, they’ll think smelling like humans is normal and thus sales of my new eau de human cologne will sky rocket.

Granted, pandas are not the Rhodes Scholars of megafauna.

'Cause you just know the researchers are getting it on together in those suits after hours. :smiley:

I think they’ve taken care of the smell by making the suits out of panda fur.

If their objective is saving the panda population, this seems counterproductive.

That makes me a sad panda.

This will not stand.

How can they bear those sweaty outfits?

Actually, it really reminded me of this.