It's money burnin' time

What. The. Fuck???

ok so the listeners have voted the woman in question shouldn’t keep the money for her boob job, but to burn it? why couldn’t it have been donated to charity or something? I loved the bit where they say


I mean, an extra few thousand starving children fed, or an extra step towards curing cancer don’t matter do they?

Fucking unbelievable

Hey, she’s cute.

At least give the boobs to the starving children.

You are assuming the money was wasted. Consider it an investment in promotions for the radio station. They seem to have gotten decent coverage for the stunt, and thus their money’s worth. While laudable, a charitable donation would have gotten much softer media coverage, making it a pretty poor marketing scheme.

What’s the nutritional value of fake boobs?

The same as for non-dairy creamer.

Why is she smiling in that photo?

So to win it, she’d have to say how she would spend it (her choice was breast enhancment), but people didn’t like that. But it is ok for her to wear a blond wig and mini-skirt and trot around like a whore? With no boobs? WTF?
I say sue the fuckers…, …oh wait, it didn’t happen in America.

the 26 yr old woman is quoted as saying. Maybe she really does need big boobs unless they perfect a brain transplant.

2 things:
WTF has this got to do with charity? It is a radio contest.

Isn’t destroying money illegal?

Great point, Waverly.

I just burned a dollar, but no one’s called or emailed me. How long do you reckon I’ve got to wait?

Nok Nok Mr. B are you in there? Put down those breasts and come down with your pants out.

That was a stupid vote, those tits would have done a lot of people some good.