It's my 10 year anniversary!

My first post:
Subject: Re: Rape
Date: Sun, Aug 31, 1997 3:38 PM
From: AHunter3
Message-id: <>
>If a minor has sex with an adult, is that rape? What if the minor agrees to it? What if the minor is 17? What if the minor does not saying anything, not agreeing to it, but not saying no either?<

Anyone in a structured position of power over another has no business having sex with them because sex is for between equals. Minors are legally disempowered in relation to adults. Some of those laws are damn stupid but the rape law is not the one to fix first. When they can vote, drink beer, sign contracts, and legally stop their parents from incarcerating them in a juvenile psych ward or a detention center for having consensual sex, then you, the adult, have a better case for why you should not be charged with statutory rape. But if you aren’t serious about children’s lib in general, don’t start here!

Congratulations on achieving the 10-year mark, AHunter3. Your first post was way more substantial than mine back in '01.

Nice. I hit 8 a couple of days ago myself. I only thought about it because I remembered looking at my join date once and realizing it was just a week or so after my birthday.

I do not have my first post recorded and stored and I do not have the date memorized, but I, too, first joined the AOL/SDMB at the end of August or beginning of September in 1997. I would suggest that it was a great month for the Dope, but Cyberian54 also joined within that same period. :smiley:

The mouse-over revealed an AOL reference, and I instantly had a negative reaction. I saw the date, and remembered that AOL was unfortunately one of the only easy ways to get online at the time.

Mosaic had fallen out of fashion, and Netscape was the newest and best browser available. The term browser often caught people off guard then. A “search engine” had not really been heard of in the mainstream. I used to use Webcrawler, which was I think one of the first popular search engine sites.

Those were heady days. What a wonder the Internet and the Dope have become since.

Great Idea Al Gore!

AOL can still suck it though. Seriously.

I haven’t thought of that guy in a long, long time. What a pity you had to remind me. :smiley:

He just rejoined Fathom, actually using the name “Cyberian54” (he initially misspelled it Cyberain54) and has been doing his usual schtick of “I’ve never been here before; you have me confused with someone else; lots of people use the name ‘cyberian’ on the internet.” even though we have made no move to ban him or otherwise interfere with is posting.

Odd duck.

His re-emrgence (using his original name) just as AHunter3 and I recall the period when all of us joined the AOL board is just a bit MORE than odd.

In that case, I guess it could be really bad karma to mention [del]PerkyD[/del] umm, He Who Should Not Be Named?

Oh man, I remember that guy. I actually emailed TubaDiva and asked for (and received) permission to post a message labeling him as a troll, and asking people not to respond to him. Didn’t work, but hey, I tried. :slight_smile:

When did he rejoin Fathom?