It's my birthday!

Yes, The Dave-Guy has hit 42. Feel free to leave your best wishes, your condolences, your pity, your derision. Whatever.

It must be horrible having a birthday so close to a major holiday. To be born the eve of Osip arrival day (holiday name still in progress)

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: December babys Rock!

<b>Congrats DAVE</b>!

I’ll wish you happy birthday if you wish me happy birthday too. Today is my special day as well. :slight_smile:

I’d say something about how 42 isn’t old but I just turned 25 today so what do I know? :wink:

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

Happy Birthday to you as well Tally-Ho!

I turn 30 tommorrow.
on a side note every time I read you name I think to myself “I got a dime!”

Is an inside joke, I went to high school with a girl named Tally who was once caught selling BJ’s. After that most people seeing her in the hall would call out I got a Nickle!!!

well, I laugh about it anyway.


Happy birthday, all you December babies! I hope you don’t still get the “this is a birthday present and a Christmas present together,” as if you don’t know that means they are just too cheap to get you two gifts. :slight_smile:

Damn smart-alecky kids.

Happy birthday, Tally-Ho.

And, Osip, happy birthday a day early.

Happy B-day, but 42 is ANCIENT…

…(I have 6 months to go…)

DAVEW0071, Tally-Ho, a happy birthday to both of you. And I’m only turning 19 today (well, yesterday, but it still feels like today is the 28th), so you’re both old. But no hard feelings. :smiley:

Happy birthday to DaveW0071, Tally-Ho, Osip and StephenG!

December babies, do, in fact, rule! :smiley:

[sub][sup]Shameless attention whores! My birthday was a couple weeks ago and you didn’t see me opening a thread about it! [/sub][/sup]

May you have many more!

(Happy Birthday, Osip, Tally-Ho, StephenG and DRY, too!)

Congrats, Dude! I hit 46 on Jan 2nd, so i know how you feel.

::takes deep breath::

Many happy birthday wishes to DAVEW0071, Osip, Tally-Ho, StephenG and DRY, and some early birthday wishes to Danielinthewolvesden.

Hope your b-days went or will go well. :slight_smile:

----:)/ x o x o x

and here are party hats for all you partiers:

& * & * & * & * & * & * & * &

:eek: :o

Happy Birthday to you too, Osip! :wink:

Happy birthday, Dave-Guy, hired killer extraordinaire and quoter of Julius H. Marx! :wink:

Forty-two, huh? The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything! I’ve been there and gone on, and the territory looks pretty good up here. So don’t let these whippersnappers make you feel like your best days are past - it doesn’t have to be so. :slight_smile:

And happy birthday (early, late, on time, or whatever) to DRY, Osip, Tally-Ho, StephenG and DITWD!

Hey! Happy Birthday. At least it’s 42. 42 is the best age you could be. :slight_smile:

Dave, my man, you are very lucky. Your birthday (12/29), is very close to the birthday of Davy Jones (and Michael Nesmith). That would be 12/30. Cool, no?

Happy Birthday!!

Thank you, all for the warm wishes!

And Osip, happy birthday. :slight_smile:

[sub]Yesterday was a day too early, but today is just right…[/sub]

Well, I would have started one, 'cept you didn’t tell me what day it was until AFTER the fact!

And happy birthday to all you December babies! :smiley: