It's my SDMB Birthday!

Yup, it was just one year today that I became so upset at the defamation of noble slothdom - the allegation being that they couldn’t swim - that I unwisely made my first post to the thread, Can camels swim? And the rest, as they say, is history.

It’s been a lot of fun. And I’d like to take the opportunity to thank some of the folks on the board in the front line trenches in the Fight Against Ignorance - the ones who answer the questions in GQ (as well as CCC, CSR, and the more factual threads in GD). Just a few of those whose posts I’ve particularly admired on one subject or another: bibliophage (etymology and lots of other stuff), BobT (baseball and sports in general), The Bad Astronomer and Podkayne (astronomy), brachyrhynchos (biology), ** Chronos** (physics), Collounsbury (Hammer of Racism), Duck Duck Goose (Googlemeister - maybe I should say Googlemistress - extraordinare), edwino (biology and medicine), Fenris (comics), Gaspode (biology), Jomo Mojo (linguistics), MEBuckner (on a host of topics from slavery to the Sultan of Swat), Qadgop the Mercotan and KarlGauss (medicine), samclem (slang and numismatics), screech-owl (biology), Tamerlane (on biology [sub]curse him[/sub]), tomndebb (seemingly on just about everything), tsunamisurfer (mountaineering), minty green and Sua Sponte(law), and zev_steinhardt (Judaism).

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of deserving folks, and overlooked a lot of people who answer questions on topics I
don’t usually click on - so your nominations of others are most welcome.

And I’d also like to thank Fenris (for posts to numerous to mention), jarbabyj (for a shining example in the creative use of obscenity), Ukelele Ike (a humorous remark for every occasion), and Cervaise (for the most artistic pit flame I have ever seen), for making me laugh. And I’m leaving a lot of deserving folks out here too.

And of course thanks too to all the moderators and admins for all they do to keep this place running.

And finally, a very special thanks to JillGat [sub]though sometimes methinks it should be a curse[/sub], for getting me so damn enredado in this place that it’s been impossible to leave. Un abrazo, compa.


Awww, geez–happy (belated) SDMB birthday. Thanks for all the Straight Dope on the birds and the bees, as it were.

[sub]Man, stuff sinks fast in MPSIMS, doesn’t it?[/sub]

Three cheers to you, Colibri – here’s to many more.

I think my SDMB birthday just passed. I’ll have to check somehow.

Happy to you, Colibri!

Boy, you can say that again.

Anyway, thanks guys.

Another belated, Colibri. You are one of my favorite posters here. I always learn from your vast hovering buzz of knowledge. Looking forward to many more!

It’s my SDMB birthday, today - just one day after our dear friend Colibri.

I’m in no condition to be eloquent tonight (other than to admire this fine, fine bottle of Bombay Sapphire) so I’ll just pretend that I said everything that he did in the OP, and we’ll go on to another year of quiet rage.

[[And finally, a very special thanks to JillGat though sometimes methinks it should be a curse, for getting me so damn enredado in this place that it’s been impossible to leave. Un abrazo, compa.]]

Aw! Un abrazo para ti tambien, compadre. Y muchas gracias por las molas y las ranas. Feliz cumpleanos!