It's no fun being an Episcopalian

Got out of bed, wasn’t feeling too good
With the radio and papers tearing us a new pooper chute.
The church’s splitting, so I head out of state,
Went to Minneapolis, they want blessings for same sex.

I got a pastor and he got a friend,
Who thought that New Hampshire would make him a bishop.
At he’s a “practicing homosexual,”
He wanted to come out and still get laid.
Now he tells everybody and here’s the thing:
After thirteen years together why’s he call that “practicing”?

It’s no fun being an Episcopalian
It’s no fun being an Episcopalian

At the convention had to fill out the forms
A pink one, a purple one, the colours you choose,
Ask the congregation to see what they think
They said ‘It doesn’t count man, if the bishop’s pink’.
Don’t trust anybody least not around here, cos

It’s no fun being an Episcopalian
It’s no fun being an Episcopalian
It’s no fun being an Episcopalian
It’s no fun being an Episcopalian
An Episcopalian, O.K.

Consideration for your fellow man
Wouldn’t hurt anybody, sure fits in with my plan
Way over yonder, that’s where I’m bound.

So Asia is splitting, Nairobi too.
If they walk out, the whole Communion is through.

I tell you man,
It ain’t no fun being an Episcopalian
It ain’t no fun being an Episcopalian
It ain’t no fun being an Episcopalian
It ain’t no fun being an Episcopalian
It ain’t no fun being an Episcopalian

Sounds rough- good thing there are only 3 or 4 of you.


I’ve been wondering something. Are Episcopalian priests allowed to marry? I would assume yes, but on the news the other day I heard that Gene Robinson was giving a speech with his daughter and long time partner up on the platform. The guy has a daughter? Was he married? Is he widowed? Divorced? In the church I grew up in, we elected elders (admittedly not on the same scale as ordaining a bishop). But the elders had to have exemplary family lives as part of the qualifications. They couldn’t be divorced, and had to have upstanding marriages/family lives. How did this guy get his daughter? A cursory google search only pulls up articles about his appointment.

It ain’t no fun being an Episcopalian

Welcome to my world.

-Ellen, Cradle Catholic

Excuse me, but was it EVER fun to be Episcopalian? I thought fun was against everything the Episcopalian Church stood for. :wink:

Oops. My post didn’t come through. I see where Episcopalians can be married, and that Gene Robinson has 2 grown daughters. It says nothing, however, about his wife. Is he divorced? Widowed?

October, in this story I find

So I guess he’s divorced. I’ll keep looking.

I’m Presbyterian, and we always thought Episcopalians had way too much fun. Call 'em Whiskeypalians.

Andy, I’m trying to sing along – what’s the tune?

Here’s something from the NewsHour:

On preview … summerbreeze, I once heard a comedian refer to Episcopalians as Catholic Lite. I’ve snickered over it ever since.

Does anyone know why Canadian Episcopalians are called Anglicans? What are they called elsewhere in the world?

I heard that Anglicans were Catholic Lite. Not in light of recent developments, it seems.

Eddie Izzard!

Cake or Death!

Anglican Church = Church of England, Canada having closer ties to the UK than the United States does as far as ex-colonies go. Episcopalians are pretty much the non-British version of the CoE, I think.

A friend who grew up Episcopalian calls them “God’s frozen people.” You guys aren’t SUPPOSED to have fun. Tell your new bishop to cut that out, with EITHER sex! :smiley:

For the record, I have seen several Episcopalian posters on this board refer to the term “Catholic lite” as an insult.

Hey, I’m an Episcopalian and have always heard the old saying, “Where you find four Episcopalians you’ll find a fifth.” Seems to be pretty true! :smiley:

Geez, doesn’t anybody remember that Genesis song from the '80s? I caught on when I saw the thread title, Andy.

Could be worse, pal. I grew up a Presbyterian. Now my eye doctor tells me I am Presbyopic, which means I have to wear trifocals. I’d rather have the gay bishop.

Have you seen the Garrison Keillor poem about being “Episcopalian, saving all my love for you?” Seems to go with the tune for "Ain’t Misbehavin’. " I forget which anthology it’s in.

I’m really sorry if I insulted anyone with the Catholic lite statement! I didn’t think. Please don’t hold it against me! I’m a real ecumenical gal, honest.

I like the song!

Ask Nott, Siege has threatened to place one of her pedal extremities in a sensitive portion of my anatomy for commenting in another thread that those folks who believe that Elvis did not die but is in seclusion somewhere awaiting the time when his people need him are obviously devout Presleytarians! :slight_smile: