It's not a holiday meal without ___________

Name your holiday and the ONE essential dish or major component without which it just would not be the same.

For me:

Thanksgiving - Cranberry sauce
Xmas - steak
Passover - Matzo ball soup
New Year - Baked brie
Birthday - Chicken Kiev

Thanksgiving and Christmas: Gravy

When I visited family for the holidays (Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas) I was always expected to bring my deviled eggs.

Martinstag: roast goose

Thanksgiving/ Xmas/ Easter- polish sausage. Doesn’t matter what the main proteins are, must have sausage.
Birthday- cake. Regular, ice cream cake, cupcakes, doesn’t matter.
Any summer get together or holiday- hobo potatoes.

At all holidays, as far back as I can remember, we’ve had punch: pineapple juice, apricot juice, ginger ale in a massive thermos. It’s not a holiday without it.

Thanksgivings require a tortière (which is basically a meat pie flavoured with cloves and cinnamon).
Christmas requires a bûche de noël (basically a chocolate roll cake pattered with icing to look like a log).

Oktoberfest: Obatzda is necessary. Well, so is beer of course.

Sparkling non-alcoholic cider. Yum! Always, all family holidays.

(Also a fire in the fireplace.)

Thanksgiving - turkey and stuffing
Christmas - tamales
New Year - buñuelos
July 4th - burgers and hot dogs


Hanukkah - latkes, of course.

Thanksgiving = Stuffing

New Years = Black Eyed Peas

Christmas = Black Beans and Cuban Pork

For which holiday? I mean, I love me some pavlova, but I’ve never associated it with any particular celebration.

Christmas - a baked ham for grazing on for several days. And a box of After Eight Mints.

Green Bean Casserole for all winter holidays.

We never make GBC except for xmas and thanksgiving. It has become a tradition to have it though. Everything else (turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce) is served throughout the year.

Oddly, I agree with you. Well, about Xmas anyway - we’re in the UK.

To expand on that, it isn’t Xmas without Trep Jr making his notorious Xmas Dinner Sandwich. Ingredients (all cold): two slices of bread, turkey, sausages, bacon, stuffing, sliced roast potatoes, parsnips, chopped brussels sprouts and, of course, gravy.

(In truth, it’s more likely to be chicken than turkey these days; I’ve reached the stage where I refuse to spend 10 days eating the leftovers of a turkey that nobody really wants or even likes that much).


ETA: and now I think of it, it wouldn’t be Xmas breakfast without Mrs Trep’s treat of smoked salmon scrambled egg on toast.

New Years Eve: Chinese Food
Valentine’s Day: Whatever she wants
St Patrick’s Day: Corned beef
Easter: Canned Ham
Mothers Day: Beef Roast
Fathers Day; Memorial Day Weekend; Labor Day Weekend and Fourth of July: Corn on the Cob followed by Grilled Burgers(preferably over Charcoal)

Halloween: Candy!!! specifically M&Ms
Thanksgiving: Turkey stuffed with HOMEMADE stuffing(not the instant crap)
Christmas: I can’t think of anything specific my family had; it would vary from year to year from a Ham dinner to a roast beef to a lasagna.

My Birthday: Pizza and ice Cream
My Sister’s Birthday: She always seems to want Lasagna
My other siblings don’t have anything specific they like aside from wanting a chocolate birthday cake

"Super Bowl Sunday" or “WrestleMania Sunday”: I don’t drink so Beer is out so I will go with Coca Cola, Pizza, and Popcorn

Christmas, Antipodean style.

Pie. Or more precisely, pies. Lots and lots of pies.

Like, megadittoes.

Also steamed turnips.