Its not good to be home

I want to go back to Europe…

I just got home from spending 2 and a half weeks in Belgium, and I want to go back. I had an absolutely wonderful time.

  1. consumed beer, wine, and champagne for the first time
  2. Visited almost the entire country.
  3. didn’t get to see NATO or EU headquarters (pretty muffed about that one)
  4. visited many pubs
  5. stayed with a host family for a weekend
  6. Found out that the Belgians eat a large amount of seafood
  7. visited more pubs
  8. drank more beer
  9. got drunk for the 1st and 2nd time
  10. went in a group with 6 people from the UK, 2 from Norway, 3 from Sweden, 2 from Israel, 2 from Canada, and 6 others from the US

Our group is already planning our reunion. We believe we will have to again attend the festival in Gent. It was an amazing experience.

Hey…Are you sure you drank enough? :smiley:

Glad you had a good time!

I know how you feel. Half my family is in Belgium, and I’ve spent quite a few months of my life there. Unfortunately, I haven’t been there in about 16 years. I had the chance to go back there and see some family the last time I was in Europe (in 97 and 98), but the thought of seeing relatives with whom I’d almost completely lost contact for 16 years sort of freaked me and I chickened out. I’ll go back soon.

And there’s no beer like Belgian beer.

Belgium’s a blast. Luxembourg too, with it’s main castle/fortification.

And they don’t have watery beer like the French.