It's official: I'm a moron

I cannot believe what I just did.

Many many months ago I ordered Murder By Death from Netflix. It went on the “long wait” list. This often means a wait of 6 months or more. Which sucks when you’re really in the mood to see something. So I waited. And waited.

In the meantime, I watched other movies. I ordered My Best Friend, but haven’t watched it mostly because it’s hard to read subtitles on my TV. I ordered Chicken Little, watched it, loved it, and let it sit on my shelf for a month. Then last week I got The Aristocrats. Watched it twice. Loved it. Let it sit on my shelf.

And then Tuesday it happened. At long last, the wait was over. Murder By Death arrived. Six months of agony had ended. Hurray! I plan on watching it this weekend.

So last night I decided to move my queue along by returning two movies. Those were Chicken Little and The Aristocrats. That leaves My Best Friend behind, as I swear I will watch it. Someday. Eventually.

It occurred to me this morning that I can only have three movies at a time. I still have My Best Friend. I returned The Aristocrats. I also returned…


Bow before me. For I am Lord and Master, Supreme and Divine God of Idiots.

Well, hopefully you’ll find it better the second time around, huh?

It seems your first viewing left you a little unfulfilled.


Murder by Death is a great movie. That’s all I have to say.

Sure. Rub it in.

It was you that had the only copy for six months, wasn’t it?

I own it. :cool:

Boy the sense of entitlement some people have. Just return it already!

That’s something I would do.

You poor, poor bastard.

Go for The Cheap Detective.
You still got Peter Falk and it’s expoentially better.

“I want you to meet the girls…” :slight_smile:

Seriously, if I had a company and a product was so highly desired there was a six-month waiting list, it might occur to me to buy another fucking copy of it. What’re they going to lose? $10 and the reputation for slowness they have earned.

This puzzles me. Sure, some movies are a bit obscure, but so obscure that people have to wait 6 months? I agree, buy a 2nd damn copy.

I’ve been waiting 4 months for Grey Gardens from Blockbuster Online. Hopefully it will be worth it when it comes.

I will sign the “buy more copies” petition if someone is willing to start it.

Dora Charleston: I don’t understand. Why would anybody want to steal a dead, naked body?
Dick Charleston: Well, dear, there are people who, um…
[whispers rest into her ear]
**Dora Charleston: ** Oh, that’s tacky! That’s REALLY tacky!


:mad: “Where’s my Dicky?!” silence “I’m sorry, where is my husband?”