Share your depression about waiting for the next season of your favorite show

I just (finally) watched the second season of Sherlock. It was FANTABULOUS! AMAZING! STUPENDOUS! I had a wonderful time. And then it was over.

And now I am depressed. The mailman took away the disc this morning, leaving me to stew, remembering: they haven’t even started production on Season 3. Next year. And on that note, no more Doctor Who for a while yet, either. Poo.

I spent most of my life significantly behind the times in shows and movies and books exactly for this reason - I love/hate waiting. I don’t pick up series that aren’t finished yet. BUT somehow I got sucked into the vortex of both of these shows and want more, more, more.

Come and commiserate with me and tell me about your show that you are anxiously waiting for Dexter? [Breaking Bad*? I don’t even know what other shows are out there.

Criminal Minds.
It’s in syndication and my Fella now walks into any room where I’m watching tv and says “oh, let me guess? Is it Criminal Minds?”

It usually is.

One of my favorite characters is leaving but I’m still excited.

Me, too. And to top it off, we in the U.S. will have to wait an additional six months after it is shown in England before we can see it on Masterpiece Mystery. And even then they’ll trim several minutes off each episode to make it fit in an American time slot.

More computer-savvy people than me know ways of getting U.K. shows right away, but I’m a 'puter dunce and fearful of the law.

P.S.: I read that they did film just a touch of the first episode of season three right at the same time as they were finishing up the last episode of season two.

Yes, we have to wait six months, but no way in freakin hell would I watch it with minutes trimmed off! Netflix, baby - I can wait for the disc to come home. I want to see EVERY MINUTE.

The first two seasons of Haven premiered in July. This season doesn’t start until Sept 21st. And it’s against Supernatural and Fringe. Oh yeah, I’m depressed. SyFy’s gonna kill my favorite show!

I’m sure I’m not the only one jonesing for Mad Men and I’m counting days until season two of *American Horror Story *starts in October.

And even two years later, I’m still waiting for The Tudors to resume and explore the sexy, fictionalized life of Elizabeth I. Denial, she is a bitch.

I keep waiting for Firefly to come back from hiatus.

I haven’t watched the second series of Sherlock yet. I still haven’t fully recovered from the first series.

I don’t go in for dramas much. I’m uncultured and I like my sitcoms. Happy Endings, Parks and Rec, Cougartown, and Community. When I can start watching those shows again, I’ll be much less cranky.

Currently waiting for the new season of Psych. I think it’s still a month away.

I note with interest that the UK will start showing new eps of Downton Abbey very soon, and I’m sure Doctor Who and Merlin will reveal their debut dates soon too. I am very fortunate to have an online source for those shows.

On rare occasions I am able to put out of my mind the longing I feel for the next season of The Venture Bros. to begin. When I am reminded of that longing, it is not accompanied by the dull heaviness of depression, but with the sharp pang of the newly bereft.

I’d very much like to thank you, Anaamika, for reminding me of what that pang feels like.

Oh waitaminute, not “thank,” the other thing.

My favorite show is Peep Show and it’s only got 6 episodes per season. It seems like they have 2 or 3 years between seasons. Then when it’s here, it’s gone just as fast.

That’s the worst part about it. Like Sherlock. It’s gone so fast :frowning:

I feel your pain. Season 4 of The Boondocks was announced last year. The weather report in hell calls for snow.

If it helps any, David Mitchell tweeted this yesterday.

*Doctor Who *will resume shortly; because of the BBC/BBCamerica relationship, we tend to see it mere hours after it premieres Over There…

Not so Sherlock. Last time, the UK got the first episode on New Years Day; we got it in May, because it belongs on Masterpiece Mystery, not being one of those “intelligent” shows fit for Masterpiece Classic. (Like Downton Abbey, whose writing was so lame last series.) However, Amazon.UK started selling the DVD’s quite early & I’ve got a region-free player. They’ll start shooting Series 3 in January…

Parade’s End is an upcoming BBC series, based on Ford Madox Ford’s excellent tetralogy, with a script by Tom Stoppard. Benedict Cumberbatch, looking very different, leads the excellent cast. BBC just started serious publicity; it may premiere Over There as early as late August. But its US partner is HBO. They’ve given it almost no press–& have hinted we’ll see it in 2013. Possibly March, 2013…

I’m jonesing for more Sherlock, of course.

Also very impatient for the next season of Game of Thrones. And it’s going to be quite a long wait.

Community. Last season was one of the best of all time for any comedy. I can’t wait to see more, but since they fired Dan Harmon, I’m worried that the show will jump the shark big time. So I’m anticipating a disaster, possibly at the same level as Bob.


I await the next screw-up of Survivor.

Sherlock. Sherlock. Sherlock. For Sherlock I’ll figure out the whole proxy server thing to watch when it’s released in GB. I think the last show I was this involved with was…I don’t know…maybe Firefly. I’m already mourning that there’ll only be three eps for series 3.


I wonder which of the three Doyle stories will be made into the three eps of 2013. The Empty House is almost surely how we’ll start out, but the other?

teela brown - Mark Gattis says they’ll be using at least parts of The Empty House.