Share your depression about waiting for the next season of your favorite show

Same. Also waiting on The Unusuals; they sure are taking a long break! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be jonesing when NewsRoom ends the season; lord knows when the next one will be, or if there will be one. Since I like the show, it’ll probably tank.

Looking forward to Game of Thrones and Once Upon A Time returning, though.

I’m O.K. if that’s not his only reaction. But I am not going to be happy if he doesn’t get to faint at all. “The Empty House” is my favorite Sherlock Holmes story because of that scene.

I used to be in agony in August waiting for my shows to return. But with DVDs, the Internet, and summer cable series, I’ve lost any sense of a defined T.V. season. I just watch whatever is available now, and then am pleasantly surprised to learn that something I like is back. As much as I want to see Sherlock return, I had forgotten all about it until this thread.

The Venture Bros. is what I came in to mention. There’s not even any activity on Publicks blog to string me along.

I’m living for the next season of “Misfits” to come on - we’re watching the first three seasons on Apple TV* now, then we start on “Sherlock.” Seriously, if you haven’t started watching “Misfits” yet, START NOW! It’s beyond awesome.

*I have to buy the third season still - I’m hoping the price goes down soon.

“Justified” - it’s one of only a handful of shows that both my wife and I enjoy, and so far it’s maintained it’s quality. I thought for sure they had peaked with Mags Bennett as the “Big Bad” in Season 2, but damned if Quarles wasn’t scary and entertaining as hell. Can’t wait to see what’s on tap next season.

Despite a general decline in quality/increase in stunt casting and questionable incidents (Oh, the plane **just happened **to go from on time departure to delayed just as the last team was approaching the airport??) over the years, in my household, we pretty much end each season of The Amazing Race wondering when the next will begin. Like, turning off the TV after the finale and saying, “I wonder how long until the next one?”

I am also really wishing the next seasons of Shameless and Nurse Jackie would start. I pretty much started mourning the end of each before the season finales of last season. I can count on one hand the number of TV shows I watch, so when they’re not current, I barely watch TV at all. Not that that’s a bad thing—in fact, I really don’t want more shows that I’m interested in—but I like a bit of TV now and again.

I’m not reading any of those spoilers for Season 3 of Sherlock, even if they are publically known. I’d rather wait. I’m one of those people that won’t even open the paper if I know there’s a potential of spoilers, even minor ones!

I just. Can’t. Wait.

mika - How’d you manage to wait until August to see the last ep of Series 2? And wasn’t it fabulous? Martin Freeman breaks my heart. Benedict Cumberbatch was great, of course, but Martin Freeman is more nuanced, I think.


Well, I don’t get BBCAmerica or anything, only on Netflix. So when it FINALLY came on DVD, I put it on my Netflix queue, at the top of the queue, immediately. However, i think they must have only gotten three disks or something, because that entailed another wait of a couple of weeks until I was able to get it.

I don’t mind waiting. Well, I do, but it does up the excitement. I just worry that once everyone else has seen it, they don’t avoid spoilers the way I do. I don’t expect people to cater to my ways, I just have to work extra hard to avoid them.

And yes it was totally fabulous.
ETA: Martin Freeman is great, but I am totally in love with Sherlock.

It hasn’t been on BBC America, but it was on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery. I splurged and bought the DVDs, however.

When series 3 comes out on BBC, I’m so going to learn how to do the proxy server thing, though. I can’t think of any other show I’m willing to got out of my way for.


I really loved “American Horror Story”. The second season is supposed to be a lot different, but hopefully just as good.

“White Collar” is back. Not brilliant TV, but I missed it.

I can’t wait to see the next series of Montabalno, which we see this side of the pond on BBC4.

Its an Italian production about a Sicilian police detective.

If you don’t mind sub titles its just the thing to watch on wet, gloomy winters night.

Sunshine by proxy !

I’m anxiously awaiting the next season of MLP:FIM to come out. Hub says its gonna come out some time this fall, which isn’t too bad I guess. In the meantime I’m getting by on fanart from EQD and the occasional rerun.

My son seems to think it will be October. He and his friends are anxiously waiting.

AFM, there will be no more seasons of my favorite show. The Closer had its series finale last night.

Hurry up and begin, QI