What tv show that's off the air do you miss the most?

“Breaking Bad” is my obvious answer. But I also really miss “The Closer”. Loved that show. Also the early years of “Lost” & “Fringe”. How about you?

We recently finished The Sopranos. Wish there were more of those.

My Name Is Earl, since it ended on a cliffhanger. Who is Earl, Jr’s daddy?

Better Off Ted

30 Rock.

Terriers (2010– ) was just getting going when it got axed. The one season is available on Netflix streaming.

Although or refection it had run it’s course. I still miss it though.

Deadwood and Firefly.



Pushing Daisies. Wonderfalls.

Cheers. In the series finale, we discover, at the end, that Frasier had flown to Chicago to pursue Laura Linney’s character. I’m dying to see how he screwed that one up. Not to mention how Daphne reacted when Niles came out of the closet.

Firefly, of course.

Scrubs. But not the medical school last season stuff.
I don’t see how they could’ve continued it, but I do miss it.

Justice. It got Fox’s usual treatment of randomly scheduling so it never really had a chance to take off and was canceled after one season.

Tru Calling. Another one Fox mistreated.

The 4400. I hate when networks end a show on a cliff hanger. Speaking of which, I agree with cochrane about My Name is Earl.

The series continuation of Charmed, Buffy, and Angel have had some pretty good story lines in them, so I wouldn’t have minded seeing those aired instead.

Full House and Family Matters both end abruptly; they should have had another season to rap things up.

Agree with both.

I wish there was some sort of holo deck contraption available in order to bring back The Rockford Files in all its 1970’s charm.

Idiot mistake on my part. The TV show title should be FRASIER and not Cheers. K. Grammer played the same character for 22 consecutive years in Cheers/Frasier.

Burn Notice, Firefly, Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Star Trek TNG, Soap, Voyagers, Johnny Quest

Oh yeah, Law & Order, incl L&O,CI. Can’t stand SVU.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

La la la

And then he became genetically mutated. Blue fur…