TV Shows We Really, Really Miss.

This was inspired by the Rocko thread.

But what about Dinosaurs? It showed quite a bit on TV as long as I could remember, but a while ago, I stopped seeing episodes. It broke my heart. (sniffle) I loved that show.

‘Not the momma, not the momma!’

Classic. Every time I hear that line, I get warm, fuzzy memories of my childhood and the early nineties I so dearly loved. The terrible twos, Earl getting superpowers–I think I’m gonna cry.

What shows do you miss the most?

Police Squad!
Sledge Hammer!
(Why do my favorite TV shows have exclamation points in the titles?)

And a really obscure one, Mighty Orbots.

Homicide has not only been canceled for the better part of a decade now. I can’t even find it in reruns any more. The single best ensemble cast of any show I can remember. I still can’t imagine why so few people watched it when it was on.

Now and Again

They left us with a cliffhanger. I wish they’d at least give us a made-for-tv movie to finish the story.

Northern Exposure

Freaks and Geeks - I still have a hard time believing that it only lasted one season. It was a truly great show.

Two words. Fire. Fly. Sniffle…

The two that I miss the most:

You Can’t Do That On Television and Dangermouse

Remember how cool Nickelodeon was when it first came on the air? These shows meant so much to me during a certain awkward time of my youth. There’s a lot of other shows I miss, but I can catch them on reruns or on video. These two shows may be available somewhere, but it won’t be the same, I’m thinking. I miss the time, the place, the era they represented in my life.

My So Called Life

I still miss Popular, one of the funniest, sharpest, campest shows ever. It was to those teen shows what Green Acres was to Beverly Hillbillies: a brilliant parody. Too brilliant to last, and very poorly promoted . . .

Homicide: Life on the Street. Better than NYPD Blue and Law & Order, but those two are stil on.

Northern Exposure

Profit. I forget what network it was on, but it was about an amoral, Machiavellian, rabidly ambitious business exec. I wonder if its mid-season cancellation resulted from it being just a little too realistic.

Hill Street Blues. 'Nuff said.

I second My So-Called Life.

I always wanted to see more episodes about Pilot.
Was his real name ever revealed anywhere?

Four words W K R P.

The ones I miss the most are the ones that didn’t really get a chance.
This year, Firefly and John Doe.
Farther in the past, Tales From the Gold Monkey, and The Tick (animated series).

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (new eps, anyway)

Another vote for Dinosaurs – and I was an adult when it was on.

Fantasy Island, I liked both versions Ricardo Montaban and Malcolm McDowell.

Mission Impossible

Wonder Woman


The Carol Burnett Show

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

Babylon 5