It's Pouring Rain in the MMP


This is the cabin we stay in. Scroll through the pictures at the bottom to see the inside

CO detectors are apparently mandatory for rentals in California. Having experienced a CO problem back in our first apartment (had this problem around 1995 or 1996), I have no problem with that. One oddity about that problem: the cat we had at the time suddenly started flatly refusing to enter the bedroom (which was where the offending heating unit was). Once our “delightfully” expert-at-cutting-corners slumlord, er, landlord FINALLY got the damn thing fixed properly, the cat was fine coming back into the bedroom.

Yesterday, got about half to two-thirds of what needed to be done in the Room of Doom actually accomplished. Today, started to resume operations and lower back (just above tailbone) informed me we would not be doing this today, TYVM. After some minor necessary erranding, including more insulin for DH to avoid having to stop on the way home tomorrow, I am camped on the sofa with the heating pad behind my back and plenty of NSAIDs on board. Soaking in a hot bathtub is also on the evening agenda, once Instacart has brought assorted items. We have yet to decide whether dinner will be frozen taquitos (beef & cheese) or pizza rolls.

I’m not having any indications of actual injury (no problems walking, sensation in legs and feet is normal, etc.), just achy. Embarrassing how out-of-shape I’ve gotten. When I was younger, I could have gotten a lot more done yesterday with fewer and shorter breathers and probably less aching the next day.

Should be able to finish whipping the Room of Doom into shape next weekend. I have NO idea how we wound up with so many grocery bags stuffed with grocery bags. I know, we have a lot of incoming from deliveries, but I hadn’t noticed just how bad the buildup was. I also hadn’t known I had quite so many cans of Lysol. :slight_smile:

You can buy CO detectors that plug into an outlet. The one in the kitchen is that kind, and I think the one in the basement is too. The one at the top of the stairs has batteries.

I don’t know how well they would work if the outlet is near the floor. I just looked it up, they should be a least 5 feet above the floor.

shoe, if you see this, please follow doggio’s advice.

Grab your phone.
Walk out of the apartment.
Call 911.

Don’t try to figure out batteries or anything else. Just leave and call pronto.