It's raining and I can't walk my dog MMP

The title says it all. I’m about to set off for work.

I’m going to have to trust Mauser. He has started learning about puppy pads though.

Nice thing about having a yard… and eaves… We toss Higgs out and she’ll hug the house, looking for a place to squat. :smiley:

My day is starting out badly - I can’t print. Dunno if it’s a network issue or not, but I just asked a coworker to try to print something. Thus beginneth my work week.

Happy Moanday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 50 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 60 and cloudy for the day. Tomorrow’s high will be 74 and up to 82 on Wednesday. Weather be weird! Today’s plans are to take twuck to the shop (ick!) and do some cave cleanin’. The redo folks will not be here today and may not be here until Wednesday bein’ as tomorrow is Tammie’s funeral. I’m OK with that as bein’ with her family is the most important thing. Oh and I shall be makin’ chikin sallit for the dinner after Tammie’s funeral tomorrow. We shall sup upon chikin sallit as well.

OK, now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I shall purtify and take twuck in to find out what’s wrong. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Morning all. Knee is much less sore than yesterday, so I can run around practice with the kids tonight and hurt it some more…

About 50F and it’s not going to get much warmer today; tomorrow will be in the 60’s as I get some of that warming that swampy is getting.

Since I don’t pee outdoors (unless in extreme need), I have nothing for the OP.

Happy Moonday!

The sun is shining so time to turn out the lights and open the blinds.
I hate my blinds though, they are the same temporary paper ones I put in when I first moved in. I have to fold them along the accordion pleats and then put a clip on them. They were dirt cheap, 6 for $36, and they have held up well, other than the side that faces out has been bleached white.
I’m running out of clips though, first the cat would knock them around and eventually break them, now Ripple thinks they are chew toys.
Eventually I’ll figure out what I want on the windows and buy some real blinds and some real drapes.

All the the design stuff I read says drapes should go to the floor, but I like for them to stop at the windowsill.
The truth is, I’d rather just have pretty blinds and no drapes at all. The molding in this house is beautiful and I see no reason to cover it up. One of the reasons I am atracted to old houses is all the beautiful woodwork.

It’s still below freezing outside, although it is supposed to warm up into the 40’s. That’s what TWPTB said yesterday and they lied. I saw snow flurries when I took my son to take his test, and it never got above 38 yesterday.
Having a fenced in yard definately makes it easier to have a dog.
I’ve pet sat for people who didn’t have yards and had to walk their dogs. Not so bad in nice weather, not so nice in the rain and cold, and downright dangerous on ice.
One client broke his ankle when his dog (german shepherd) dragged him down icy steps, another got pretty banged up when her dog (golden retriever) ran out the door and dragged her across the icy front yard.

Nothing special to do today.
Laundry, vacuuming, irking, cooking, cleaning, the everyday stuff that gets on my nerves.
Later this week I have to drive my son to the college for a math test. Then Firday I have to go to the doctor. I’ll turn that into a combined doctor appointment and Easter visit with my mother. That way I don’t have to drive to the armpit 2 times in 3 days.
Today’s lunch will be the rest of the fake crab salad, and dinner with be chicken with either cabbage or broccoli. I’ll make cheeseburgers for my son. Although he should be making his own burgers.

Take care of your knees MetalMouse.

**sari **- we’ve got a style of blinds you might want to consider. I think they’re Levelor, and I know we got them at Lowe’s. They’re the cellular style but they’re cordless. To raise and lower them, to push a button in the middle of the bottom piece. No clips, nothing for critters to steal. The don’t darken the room, but when the sun is shining directly in the living room, blinding anyone on the couch, they block and diffuse the light nicely. And I’m pretty sure they were the type that the cut to width in the store. Anyway, we like them, so you might also.

Still no printers on line. I’m able to work - I can do all I need to do, up to printing, of course. So I’m semi-productive, except at this very moment as I write this. :smiley:

Bentley, a 6 year old heinz57, has a bladder the size of Texas. He hates it when it rains as it confuses the smells and makes him indecisive about which spot is most in need of being remarked. He’ll wander between them several times before selecting one and, I kid you not, pee for a minute straight. The only reason he stops is that he gets tired of holding his leg up.

First reaction ---- he’ll rust?

Second reaction ---- judging by the amount of those puppy pads we ship it looks like its probably a good product.

We’re getting hit harder again like we did Friday so I’m starting my week with a double. Not my most favorite two managers but two I understand so it shouldn’t be that bad. Just long; 12:00 to 23:00 potentially. But I volunteered so the bitching will be not that great. One of the few moves in Da Jungle I think very very wise.

Our cocker spaniel will walk in just about anything, the Shih tzu not so much, especially if it’s hot. He will go out, sit down, smirk and just refuse to move. Happy Monday!

Twuck is at the shop bein’ looked at, chikin sallit is made and I have dusted and vacuumed. Go Me! I have decided that salmon patties, peas, smashed N.O.T., and bizkits shall be supped upon tonight. Gray, windy, and icky out so that calls for some comfort food. Plus, does not take long to make, so WIN-WIN!

Whenever I would be nanny for JoeDawg (may he RIP) he did not like to go out if it was rainin’ or if’n the yahd was wet with dew. At his house he could do his bidness under the carport. So, we made a deal that he could do his bidness on the covered deck off of the back porch because I could just hose it off. The stinker would head for the door leadin’ from the porch to the deck if it was wet out. Trained me pretty well, he did! :smiley:

I know I’ve mentioned my coworker Josh. Today, in response to several emails about the printers being down, he sent this:
*I can’t print either. I’ve just been taping paper to my monitors and tracing everything I need printed. *

I love my job!!!

Started the morning at the dentist for the semi-annual cleaning. I like my dentist and my hygienist. Now I’m at irk. Rain is expected to move in about 4pm so say the VWPTB (vast weather powers that be).

Somewhat frustrating morning; the course leader has been trying to set up a ‘journal club’, basically a extracurricular structured session for people to get used to reading, thinking about, and critiquing academic journals. So far so good. It’s been delayed twice due to reasons, and the first session was moved to today.

About 10 of us showed, but not the course leader, the guy who was supposed to be organising it. One of the 10 bumped into him at lunchtime, as he arrived on site; apparently he told her he emailed everyone, and then basically told her she should check her college email more often if she didn’t want stuff like that to happen. Yeah… I checked it last thing before leaving, because I needed to copy something off an email. Nothin’ from him.

Nothin’ then, nothin’ now :rolleyes: No-one else had one either.

Apparently it’s now supposed to be starting after Easter. My prediction; about 5 people will show up out of 20+. The organiser will then be genuinely surprised and confused by the low turnout.

At least we had class in the afternoon.

I only have axolotls; don’t have to walk them, but they’d probably quite like the rain.

Do you have fry to feed? Our friend uses some vinegar eels that I gave her.

Unless it is a veritable frog strangler, my dog will stand out in the rain looking for something to bark at.

“A car! A cat! SQUIRREL!”

Jasmine says,

Get a cat; sha na na na, sha na na na na; get a cat, sha na na na, sha na na na na … :smiley:

My cat is awesomely independent. Ah, if he could only vacuum. LOL

Buy him a roomba.

Twuck is bein’ worked on. I don’t hold onto any fantasies about gettin’ him back today however. That’s actually fine by me because I don’t have anywhere I need to go and don’t mind bein’ a homebody. I am very happy to be in my domicile.

Don’t you have a 'stang??

Printers are back on line - work moving apace. One hour to go, more or less…

Naw, never had babylotls, they’ve never spawned; I’m not sure, but they may be both female. One definitely is, the other is ambiguous.

Not a bad thing, in truth, I don’t really have space for another tank to house babies.

I only have one more class before Easter holidays. I feel like I should take advantage and go away for few days, do something fun, but I have no clue what :confused:

Broiled, grilled (trout), (salmon) in in the smoker; there’s lots of ways to make fish into food that don’t involve lots of oil, & are therefore, healthier. Would you like some recipes?

You mean a cat scooter.

It seems that they’ve stopped making the ‘regular’ Diet Coke w/ Lime, instead replacing it with a bunch of new flavored Diet Cokes, including ginger lime. I like it but the new cans are a different shape, narrower & taller & don’t fit into places that traditional shaped cans did. Why muck with the design that everyone, from soda, to beer, to iced tea, to even some ‘bottled’ water uses? :smack: :mad: