It's really me: TN*hippie!!!

You know, the poster previously known as TennHippie. I’m at PA’s place in Chattanooga. No, I’m not on the run. I go to jail one week from tomorrow. You haven’t heard from me in so long because my keyboard is screwed up and I’m too broke to fix it! :frowning: With all that’s been going on with me lately, that really adds insult to injury. I’d hope that if I were facing execution, I’d be allowed one last hour on the SDMB. :slight_smile:

Anyway, how y’all been? I miss you guys…some of you are old friends but don’t post much anymore; some of you are new to me and I haven’t been able to talk to you. I’ll be on a little tonight and maybe a little tomorrow…send a limerick or something!

This means YOU:
Southern Style
Spider Woman

…and many, many more. You know who you are, so just because your name’s not on the list does NOT let you off the hook! Talk to me!

There once was a lonely ol’ hippie
Who on the board used to be pretty lippy
But then he got busted
Car wrecked, keyboard rusted
Seems like lately it’s been a bad trippy.

Good to hear from you, Tennhippie. I hope things will change for the better real soon!

Sorry, but I suck at lymerics. In ANY language :wink:

Glad to hear you’re in one piece. Hope everything works out for you. Keep us posted !

There once was a Tennessee Hippie,
who with a cop got quite lippy.
He sits in the jail,
and eats pretreated mail.
And everything’s really quite trippy.

\\Proud American////

Spider hugs to you both!

I hope your life will get better and you are doing well.

The Spider hopes soon you’ll return
after your jail sojourn
With PC up and running
And limericks punning
(After your lesson you’ve learned).


Yo! TennHipster!

I hope you get plenty of R&R before you have to go, my friend!


Uh, what are you going to jail for?

And how long?


TN,I’m sorry.

I’ve tried. Really. I’ve really really tried to come up with a limerick.


Please don’t hold it against me - I still plan on sending you daily postcards while you’re in the pokey, though, as long as you promise not to shun my non-rhyming ass !!

There once was a poster TN*Hippie
Who posted a thread to invoke me
Made me rhyme some verse
Even though I’m worse
at Limericks than everyone else, see?

Yer pal,
Satan - Commissioner, The Teeming Minions

Five months, one week, six days, 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
6640 cigarettes not smoked, saving $830.01.
Extra time with Drain Bead: 3 weeks, 2 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes.

*“I’m a big Genesis fan.”-David B. (Amen, brother!)

TH - I have an extra keyboard that you can have when you need it - just tell me when & where to send it.

I’d love to get mail that is laced
As long as it cannot be traced.
So while cramped in my cell
I’ll be doing quite well
Since my mind will be infinitely spaced.

I’ll have that address for you folks later! Love ya all.

We once had a poster in jail
Who oft asked to be sent mail
His name always changed
and in jail he was banged
Until his weak rectum did fail

That’s horrible. Truly horrible.


There once was a Hippie from Tenn
Who got himself sent to the pen.
Though his feelings were burned,
His lesson he’s learned.
Now he’s a Proud American!

Keep your chin up, dear heart, and we’ll tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree for you.

I’m so glad you checked in, TN*Hippie; I’d been wondering about you. Last thing we’d heard you were heading out to beaches and forest, getting your mind ready.

Damn, wish I were more limerick-gifted.

Once 'twas a lad from Tennessee,
Found a cyber-home on the SD;
Laid-back, funny and gifted,
Drove tipsy; license got lifted,
But Dopers still his friends be.

Okay, that was truly horrible, but maybe practice would help?

Honestly, zing your mail addy along, and the time will pass in a twinkling, with horrendous limericks, rude thoughts, lively irreverence and good wishes.

Besides, your one of the first posters I ever responded to and called you “TeenHippie”. (Blush.) You were kind about it and didn’t make me feel like the real dork I was (am).

Good folks are hard to find, but this place abounds with 'em. You’re one of the best, the damned best.


To jail went the Tennessee hippie.
His mood? You could call it quite snippy.
Said he, “I’m no dope!”
“I’m not picking up the soap!”
“On that you can bet your sweet bippy!”

Best of luck to you, TN*hippie, from a fellow native Tennessean.

Oh no, our Hippie has gone
To his cell where he sits all alone.
We love him and miss him
Mostly in MPSIMS
And look forward to getting him stoned.

:rolleyes:Sorry, 'twas the best I could do. Good luck TNH! We look forward to your timely return…

Because Ten Hip mentioned my name
This girl will never be the same
He’s going to the crossbar hotel
I’m trying to wish him him well
but my attempt I fear will draw a flame

There was a doper named Aye
Who when mentioned by Tenn Hip wanted to cry
He’s such a hunk ,
and so cool and full of funk
I hate even for a short time to say bye

Damn it Tenn Hippie, you ** know ** I suck at this, and not in a good way !

Hey, I appreciate the sympathy and the limericks, folks.:slight_smile:
Zyada: I’m especially honored with your offer of a keyboard; will get back to you. Hey, that reminds me of an old classic:

She offered her honor
He honored her offer
And all night long
He was on 'er and off 'er

My address is in the Limericks thread…yes, I know that it’s cruel to send you there.:wink: But here’s a painless shortcut: it’s on page 4.


“The Hippie’s in need of a keyboard”,
Was shouted so loudly it roared,
Without the key ‘Enter’,
he has no way to venter,
He’s now PA to this message board.

TN*Hippie’s Southern gracious, sexy and funky;
Funny, demented and certified hunky.
He’s facing some challenges
But inspires SD gal-lunges,
Just don’t pass our names to your bunky.

(Okay, that reeked…)

I’m working on another one, but how the hell do you just bubble up gems, seemingly without trying??!


Forget about candidate Gore,
we have someone loved far much more.
Than rhyme, prose or reason,
there’s limericks pleasin’.
From Tennessee Hippie for sure.