It's safe to go back into the shower: "Psycho" writer Joseph Stephano dead at 84


He was also co-creator of the original “Outer Limits.” He knew how to scare people.

Well, he wrote the screenplay, anyway. Robert Bloch wrote the book “Psycho”.

I remember him more for The Outer Limits, which had some very good episodes, although I think the series, as a whole, was overrated. I understand that Stephano was trying for a while to get an Outer Limits movie made, based on one of the episodes I hated.

But writing an effective screenplay ain’t no small deal, and getting a show like Outer Limits on the air was an impressive accomplishment. Great stuff, and I’m sorry he’s gone.

“It’s safe to go back into the shower: “Psycho” writer Joseph Stephano dead at 84”

Thank goodness. My last shower was in 1960.

For twenty minutes.

Outer Limits inspired Gene Rodenberry to create Star Trek.

Nah, only kidding.
His show was essential a horse opera converted into a space opera. Outer Limits showed it could be done. If you look at the crew credits and stars, you will notice a lot of crossover.

The Arena episode of ST was a direct steal from OL’s Fun and Games. Hell, the monster in both was the same!!

Actually, they’re both steals from Fredric Brown’s story “Arena”, which did it first (and better). Brown got ctredit on the ST episode, although I’ve heard that the writer (JohnD.F. Black? I’m too usy and lazy to look it up) reportedly was writing his version, and was told it was very similar to Brown’s, so they gave Brown credit to avoid any difficulties.
One o’ these days someone will do Brown’s story straight. I think it’d be a helluva good flick. I’ve filmed it in my head often enough.

If anyone’s interested in hearing the guy talk, IIRC he’s interviewed at length in the “Making Of” documentary on the “Psycho” DVD.

I definitely associate Joseph Stephano with the “Outer Limits”. I believe Stephen King thought very highly of this show. (Incidentally, notice any similarity between his story “Lawnmower Man” and the Outer Limits episode “The Sixth Finger”?)
I believe an Outer Limits episode that never went into production eventually evolved into a movie - “Fantastic Voyage”.

People used to come up to R.B. complaining how they were scared to take showers after reading/seeing Psycho. He’d just grin at them evilly and say, “I was originally planning on doing her in on the toilet!”

Are we absolutely sure that Stephano’s son isn’t keeping his mummified body in his room?

Don’t be silly.

It will never be safe to go back in the shower.