Help With an old "Outer Limits" Episode?

I cannot recall the name of this one, hopefully somebody remembers it. basically, it relates to a weird old house that a young couple stops at-inside the house, time has stopped-the woman was about to be married, and an astronomer brings by a box with a lens in it-the groom looks into it, and somehow gets trapped inside-with an alien monster! Anybody know the name of the episode? and, what was the conclusion of this? it was all very weird.

Don’t Open Till Doomsday

For a while, there was talk of an Outer Limits movie, just as there had been a Twilight Zone movie, and other movies based on TV shows. Joseph Stephano, who wrote this episode (and many others for the series) wanted to base it on this episode. Imagine how THAT would have turned out.

To mem, this represented the series at its worst, although Stefano thought this the best episode. It’s filled with quasi-jelled Freudian themes (the Thing in the Box is phallic yet vaginal. The long-delayed marriage is symbolic of…something), and it doesn’t make a helluva lot of sense. Read the linked WEikipedia page, or go to the description in TYhe Outer Limits Companion ( ) Neither is much help.

I see that there’s now discussion of a different Outer Limits movie now, to be bbased on Harlan Ellison’s script Demon with a Glass Hand. If they don’t screw it up, that would be something worth seeing – DWAGH is my all-time favorite episode of any sf TV drama. But Hollywood has a long track record of Screwing Up Harlan Ellison scripts.

I know that the late Robert Culp long wanted to get “Demon” made into a film. Well, if it happens at least they’ll be able to show the Khyben as something other than pasty-faced bushy-eyebrowed guys.

You guys are right, DWAGH is a great story and is my favorite too. I, also, agree that Hollywood would screw it up.
They will throw in a bunch of tits and ass, a lot of special effects and lose the story.