It's so easy! 3 Words: Tag. Your. Dog!

The tags are SO easy to get! Fer dog’s sake, you can get them at WAL*MART for five bucks! And yet…

I know this has been done before. If you don’t like it, nobody’s holding a gun to your head to read it. Move on. And if they are, you’ve got worse problems than this thread.

For those of you that are still here:
We came home from church this afternoon and in our front yard was a cute little beagle bitch. I don’t know how old she is, who she belongs to or what her name is, because SHE DIDN’T HAVE TAGS ON. I would’ve cheerfully taken her back to her people had there been any info at all as to WHO THEY ARE! She’s obviously loved, because she seemed very well taken care of: she’s VERY friendly, (she trotted right into our house and jumped on us for attention), she gets along well with other dogs (including ours), she knows “sit”, “lie down” and “roll over” since she did all of them on command, and she LOVES tummy rubs (she kept rolling over and asking for them).
I couldn’t leave her out there to try to find her way home - she runs up to ANYTHING to check it out and she’d get squished. I just COULN’T do that.
She’s extremely playful, and if the timing were better I’d love to keep her iffen nobody claimed her. But I can’t. :frowning:

She HAS a collar. It HAS a “tag-ring”. NO TAGS. None.
I took her to the local Cop Shop to drop her off. They’ll keep her for 3 days, then if nobody claims her, she goes to the local Humane Society.
HOW can you go through all the effort to train your dog to behave and be friendly and NOT shell out the five bucks that means you’ll get her back with no problems? HOW???


The FIRST thing I do when I get a new dog is to hie me to WAL*MART and make out two new tags for him / her: one for my home information and one with the phone numbers of our relatives that we most frequently visit.
It costs me a grand total of $10 and approximately ten minutes. And it’s really cool to watch the engraver make your customized tags right there.
Even if you DON’T have access to one of these wonderful machines, every pet store has a display by the register where you can send away for tags for approximately the same amount.
Yeah, I know, a lot of people are short on cash but honestly, if you don’t have FIVE DOLLARS to get a tag for your dog, how do you expect to be able to afford the food, the vet bills etc. for her?
And let me tell you, it costs about four to five times the money MINIMUM to get your dog back if she goes to the Humane Society!


You try a lost and found ad? Our paper does them for free.
How about flyers around town… or does that take too much of your time?

The one time my dog got picked up he had busted his choke chain… I had his fuckin tags in my hand…

Maybe she broke her collar as well… or someone took her out of it.

Maybe she’s chipped?

A buddy of mine has a great little dog, a Pomeranian. It’s kinda a long story, but I take care of the dog a lot, and used to have it every other week. I love the dog a lot, and it thinks of me as a master.

My buddy NEVER puts the goddamn leash with the tag on him. “It causes mats in his fur” is his reason.



Krisfer, L&F ad? Yeah, I could do that in my twice-a-week paper, but it wouldn’t come out until Thursday. What am I supposed to do with the dog till then? Or did you miss the part where I said “I can’t keep her”? Sorry if that wasn’t clear that I can’t keep her AT ALL not even for a couple days to see if maybe I can find her people.
Before you go flying off the handle and assuming things about what you read, perhaps you could check for reading comprehension a bit too, since you seem to assume she didn’t have a collar. Even though I said
“She HAS a collar. It HAS a “tag-ring”. NO TAGS. None.”

So obviously someone didn’t TAG HER COLLAR, did they?
And if they’ve got her tags on a CHOKER CHAIN

Argh. It hit “submit” when I hit “carriage return”. Dammit.

Anyway. The dog HAD a collar. The collar that the DOG HAD ON had no tags. NONE. She wasn’t collarless.
Why on earth would you put all the tags on a choker chain anyway? According to several sites, including This one, this one,, and this one, as well as several dog training books (including Dog Training for Dummies) you should ONLY use a choker chain when training or walking a dog, NEVER as their primary or only collar, since the collar could snag on something and choke the dog. So, it’s kind of nonsensical to put all the dog’s ID on something the dog’s not going to be wearing full-time.

Miller, I did think of that - actually I’m HOPING that she’s chipped and that should make it easier for her to be returned to her people, but the problem with ONLY chipping is that Joe Average Person doesn’t have a chipreader and therefore you’ve still got to go through “the Man” to get the dog back to its people. If she’d been tagged I could’ve had her home within probably ten minutes of finding her.

Besides, chipping’s expensive - I’m hoping that people who shell out the cash for chipping also are willing to spring for the extra five bucks to tag the dog.
Revtim, That just Sucks. If 'twere my dog I’d be looking around for a thinner collar, maybe in rolled leather, that doesn’t mat the fur. I’ve got one of those for my dog and it works great. Could you perhaps suggest one of those to your friend?

Not a bad idea DogMom, I’ll give it a shot! Thanks.

I tagging your dog!

ummm Dogmom… look in the mirror next time you accuse someone of flying off the handle. It could be your lovely face you see there.

I have to keep mine on his choke… if YOU don’t like that YOU may come and chase him all over the neighborhood and bail him out of the shelter at ohhhh 95 bucks a pop.

Far as the rest goes… shrug

I read this as “Wag. Your. Dog.”

My right eyebrow went on strike.

Krisfer the Cat please don’t think I am jumping on you, because ages ago I did the same thing (left the choke chain on my dog). But when I worked for the shelter we had countless calls of dogs that had gotten hung by a choke chain…sometimes trying to clear a fence, or sometimes just from jumping off a porch while tied up. A much better solution I found is the partial slip collar. Not the useless $20 you get from the pet stores with the plastic buckle, but the ones mushers use. You can buy them for about 4 bucks from any sleddog outfitter, but they are exceedingly easy to make. There is no buckle, just webbing, a big metal loop, and a little metal adjusty guy (no clue what they are called, they look like an H on it’s side, with bars on the top and bottom). I can find you intstructions on how to put one together if you are interested. I made my former boss start carrying these, and recommended them for the people whose dogs slipped collars, and those who broke them. Never had one complaint.

In his seven years my dog has never roamed.

I will order him a tag today.

Actually, when you chip your dog, they give you a little tag with the chip number and a 1800 number. So if someone finds your dog, they can call the 1800 number, give them the chip number off the tag, and they then notify you directly. No scanning involved. And it does work. My dog got out of her yard once, and a neighbor found her. She called the number, gave her the chip number, and I got a call within the hour.

Stephi, you’re right they do give you a tag. My dog came chipped-with-tag so I didn’t think about it.

So…sigh…either Cute Little Beagle wasn’t chipped (not surprising; it’s NOT a popular option Roun Cheer) or ALL her tags are on some other collar instead of the one she WAS wearing when I found her.

At least I have the contact number of the Aminal Control Ossifer so I can call and ask if her people have reclaimed her.
Dangit. I really, REALLY wish I’d just been able to keep her and do the whole “is this your dog, then call me” thing. But, even if circumstances would allow me to take her in temporarily, with no tags I’ve got no proof she’s had any vaccinations, either, and I’m NOT letting a potentially unvacc. dog live with MY dog, not even for a day.

Hooray! I just checked with the Animal Control and they said the Beagle’s people came and got her! :slight_smile:

Chipping is not, or should not be expensive. When I took Goliath in for his first set of shots I had him chipped. The cost was less than $30 (may have even been less than $20), and that is a one time only fee. There are no recurring costs. Tags can be removed, but chips can’t be.

Magayuk please don’t think I am making fun of you but I burst out laughing at your post! Here I am in the middle of drought ridden Utah/West desert… I doubt there is a sleddogging outfitter anywhere near!

However, thank you for the suggestion> I will look into it. I appreciate the recommendation.

I had the mutt chipped by the shelter here. Cost me 10 bucks.