It's SPRING. Upbeat tunes?

I just heard They Might Be GiantsMan, It’s So Loud In Here and it is




I want to make a mix CD of songs that are catchy, upbeat. Major keys and techno/electronic/dance beats are a plus. Is there a name for what I’m looking for? Who else makes music this infectious? Help me out Dopers: expose me to something that’s going to have me bopping until Monday.

Oh I love springtime music!

I don’t know how familiar you are with power-pop as a musical genre, but a great power-pop album is the perfect springtime soundtrack for me. And if you’re not sure what power-pop is, just think of acts like Cheap Trick, Matthew Sweet, and Weezer.

In fact, Weezer’s entire first album, start to finish, may be my favorite springtime album ever, next to Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.

Another good springtime band is The New Pornographers. Yes, they’re another power-pop band. But, in particular, the song “Letter From An Occupant” off their first album, Mass Romantic, is one of the bounciest, fun songs I know. It’s infectious from the first time you listen to it.

Electronic has never been my specialty, but I can recommend upbeat rock songs for hours on end. :slight_smile:

Oh… TMBG… begins humming Birdhouse in Your Soul

If you are into 80’s glam metal, there’s always Summertime Girls by Y&T.

I second anything from Weezer’s first album, particularly Surf Wax America.

I’d highly recommend including Republica’s Ready to Go. I can’t sit still when I hear that song. And the lead singer is named Saffron, so clearly, the subtext to the song is that she’s “ready to go” seduce and marry hapless starship captains. Bonus!

This one may be hard to find, but for a dash of bounce-in-your-seat punk, try Ursula Finally Has Tits by the Queers?

Finally, I would like to volunteer that I hate No Doubt. Hate them. That said, the song Hella Good rocks my socks off in a way I’m embarrassed to admit in public.

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Oh, wait; I do have an on topic suggestion - All the Things She Said, is a stupid, exploitive, … totally great song. I think the name of the group is TaTu. Also, but totally unrelated, including any Me First and Gimmie Gimmies song will allow you to get your bop on forthwith.

Yeah, for music like this you need to get off your high horse and admit that a great pop song is sometimes just a great pop song, regardless of extenuating circumstances. And I agree, “All The Things She Said” is a great, great pop song.

I mean, sure, I’m listening to a ton of power-pop right now with the weather so nice, but I’m just as likely to throw on some Journey or Andrew W.K. So upbeat! :smiley:

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Well, I’m dork so I’ve got say that if “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies doesn’t get you going, well, you’re just cold and heartless… :slight_smile:

I also like “Got To Get You Into My Life” by the Beatles.

And of course, anything by The Monkees

Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles

Good Morning - The Beatles

Penny Lane - The Beatles

Honeysuckle Rose - Eva Cassidy

Cheek To Cheek - Eva Cassidy

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