Two threads I started went to two pages!

Yeah - I know - this is basically a Sally-Field-“You-like-me-you-really-like-me”-kind-of-thread - but you clicked on it, so I hope you won’t be too abusive with the comments on my need for reassurance…

But I am kinda surprised - I have posted for a couple years and started, oh, maybe 2 dozen threads in that time and none that I can recall went more than 30 or so posts. To have two go to 2 pages is pretty amazing.

Both have to do with music in Cafe Society - one on Power Pop as a style of music and bands that do it:

And one challenging Music Snobs to nominate music they think is great but Music Snobs typically don’t:

Perhaps I should take the hint and realize that Cafe Society Dopers dig music…

You post to my threads! You really post to my threads! Jeez, how pathetic.

I’m thinking this thread may kill your streak. :wink:

(((patting WordMan on the head, hands him a cookie))) :wink:

Well done. I have yet to reach 2 pages on any of my threads, (at least I don’t think I have). Some day I’ll get there!

I’m guaranteeing it.