It's summertime! Which means it's also time to list your favorite theme park rides/rollercoasters!

I’m heading to Kings Island Monday and Tuesday, so I’m ready for all of them.

My favorite will always be The Beast. Especially at night, especially if it’s been raining. I only wish they still blasted hard rock in the waiting area, the music would get you totally pumped to ride it.

I love Flight of Fear there as well, indoor super-looping coaster. I think it gets a bad rap, I enjoy it.

Can’t wait to try the Sidewinder.

I cannot remember the name of it, or the park where it is located, but I remember hearing about a coaster where the rider is flat on their stomach, in kind of a prone position, so you’re kind of simulating flying. Has anyone done that? Is it as awesome as it sounds?

I was just reminded of my favorite ride a few weeks ago. A friend was going to go on it when she was there, but the line was too long.

It’s called the Black Diamond, but it used to be called the Golden Nugget. Hal Briston rode it recently, in PA. robert_columbia rode it in the 90s, in NJ. I rode it in the 70s, in NY.

Not similar rides – the same ride. Same cars, same rails, everything.

Thanks. I think the one I remember is the Superman.

I was on a ride like that at a carnival a few years ago. The “seats” looked like hang gliders. It just went around, like a carousel. But then it tipped up on maybe a 30 degree angle. It was pretty cool.

tdn Cedar Point has one of those – the Iron Dragon. It is… somewhat staid.

I really want to try the new Steeplechase at Luna Park in Coney Island. Each person sits in a chair shaped like a horse. I’m sure its 1000 times safer, and thus less fun, than its illustrious namesake, but it still looks cool.


I’ve heard Superman is kick-ass.

I’ve not been to Cedar Point but am considering it. What can be expected in the way of lines on a weekday in mi-July? I love coasters but hate hour-long lines even more.

Hours and hours. I did almost three hours on Millenium Force one time.

Look into their Free Pass line skipping program or go on a Halloweekends.

How many are going with you? My son went yesterday and got one of the fast lane passes. He said they walked right on every ride… even ones with 1.5 hour waits. They rode Diamondback 7 times and still were able to ride everything else at least once. The reason I ask How Many is because it is cheaper the more you buy. There were 5 in my son’s group and he said they were only $10 or so each. We saved more than that on the tickets by getting them through my wife’s work so he said it was well worth it. If there are only 1 or 2 of you though he said it was $30 per. That’s getting a little pricey on top of the normal admission.

I rode the Leviathan this afternoon. It was fun, but not worth the long line-up; I would have rather ridden the Behemoth twice.

The Raptor at Cedar Point is my favorite. I haven’t been in years and would love to go back, but my husband won’t go on rollercoasters and there’s no one else to go with me. A coworker told me that Labor Day and Memorial Day are great days to go because there are no lines.

I can’t handle the big-time coasters, but I love ones like The Big Dipper in Santa Cruz (half an hour away and I ride it a couple of times a year) and The Giant Dipper in San Diego (I shared a couple of rides with the marathon contestants back in '98). I had hoped to ride the Scenic Railway when I visited Melbourne, but it was closed and I had to settle for The Metropolis instead.

Old management has returned.

A new favorite ride: Radiator Springs Racers.

4 of us went yesterday, two today. We must have hit it perfectly, the longest we waited for the Diamondback (which I had in my head as the Sidewinder) was about 10 minutes. And that’s one amazing coaster. We walked right onto the Beast, Racers, and waited five minutes for the Vortex (which isn’t worth that). We’ll see how today goes.

Most of my coaster riding is limited to Cedar Point because I refuse to ride lesser coasters. I haven’t been there in a couple years, but I’ve probababy made about 100 visits there in my lifetime. My favorites:

  1. The Magnum XL 200 - Occupies the top spot strictly because of nostalgia.
  2. The Millenium Force - Even taller and faster than the Magnum.
  3. The Gemeni - When they run both cars in race mode, slapping high fives with the passengers in the next car (which is probably frowned upon) is always a CP highlight.
  4. The Maverick. I’ve only ridden this one a couple times, and didn’t expect much because it’s not very tall, but it is QUICK and that first drop is probably the steepest I’ve seen. It’s actually inverted, or beyond vertical.
  5. Top Thrill Dragster - Tallest and fastest of all time, but the ride is over in seconds.

If it’s roller coasters you want, you can’t go wrong at CP. I didn’t even mention some other big ones like the Raptor, the Mantis and the Mean Streak. But if you haven’t been there since the Maverick opened, I highly recommend it.