its tax time and i have questions

I’m filing my taxes and have a pretty basic question:
Do I need to supply a copy of my W2 form along with my tax return or will the return itself suffice?

You need to attach a W2 copy to your federal return and your state return if your state has income taxes. Most employers send you at least three copies for this purpose – otherwise it’s off to the Xerox machine.

These days, your W2 is usually divided into section. You tear off the section for the Federal return (it says so on it) and return it. Same for the state return (except in New York, where you have to enter the information onto a special tax form for the state). :rolleyes:

If you efile, you don’t have to send them anything. If you send in paper returns, then you will have to attach a W-2 OR fill out a substitute W-2 form. That should really only be used if you cannot obtain a W-2 by normal means, though.

This question suggests that you aren’t reading the instructions that go along with the tax form. The instructions answer basic questions like this. You should read the instructions. They are available at if you don’t have them.