It's that great getting up morning: The new site is nearly ready for you.

Here’s another really interesting article about Goatse. No pics appear on the page, are just linked to. Twas a fascinating read if you were interested in learning about who Goatse was in real life.

Finding Goatse: The mystery man behind the most disturbing Internet meme in history - The Daily Dot

Here’s a detail that seems annoying, and possibly could be disruptive to our SDMB culture in ways not immediately apparent:

A great many web sites, including the current Board, have a navigation menu at the top of every page. At the top of this thread page, for example, we see:

Discourse thread pages, at least on that demo site, have no such thing. Furthermore, I couldn’t see anywhere on the page where it says what Forum the thread is in.

But you can arrive at a thread page in many ways, with links from other pages, or even from other off-board sites, or those “Suggested topics” at the bottom of the thread, or the list of recent posts on the home page.

This means you can get to a thread page and not know what Forum you’re in!

I found that to be a little disorienting, even on that dinky demo site.

You can’t even easily tell if you’re reading a public thread or a private conversation. When I signed up, I was engaged in a conversation with their new-user bot, which walked me through a beginner’s tutorial. I couldn’t find where that thread was in any of the forums, and it took me a while to realize that it was a private conversation.

But here’s the problem for our Board culture: Every forum has its own posting rules, and its own moderation style and strictness. How often have you needed to double-check what forum you are in before posting that opinion, or political jab, or flame?

I think we may see people making inappropriate posts because they forget, or don’t know, what forum they’re in and can’t easily find out. The moderators may need to calibrate their moderation styles to accommodate this.

OR: Can the admins configure the site to include a navigation menu, or some equivalent, on each page?

For all the Discourse forums I’m familiar with, there is no font, size, or color functionality. There is <big> and <small>, <del> and <ins>, and that’s about it.

See here if you’re able to view it.

Not mentioned is <iframe>, which Discourse supports, but there is a very small, editable list of domains that can be so used.

Just tried that. It requires me to sign up and sign in before I can see anything. So, no lurking.

Can you give us a TL;DR what that site’s all about before I sign up there just so I can see what’s there?

It’s the NaNoWriMo site, a place for aspiring authors to challenge themselves to write 50,000 words in a month (November).

It switched to Discourse from a vB-like system about a year ago, so that post is a list of the codes that could be used. The site is supposed to be viewable by all, whether logged in or not, but that’s evidently not the case.

I’ll just try to repost here.

Most of the formatting you’ll want to do can be done from the edit bar. But sometimes it’s easier or faster to use code. Discourse supports some BB Code, some Markdown code, and some HTML.
Bold Text
BB Code: This is bold text.
HTML: This is <b>bold text</b>.
HTML: This is <strong>bold text</strong>.
Markdown: This is bold text.

Italic Text
BB Code: This is italic text.
HTML: This is <i>italic text</i>.
HTML: This is <em>italic text</em>.
Markdown: This is italic text.

Bold Italic Text
BB Code: This is bold italic text.
HTML: This is <b><i>bold italic text</i></b>.
HTML: This is <strong><em>bold italic text</em></strong>.
Markdown: This is bold italic text.

Underline Text
BB Code: This is underline text.

Strikethrough Text
BB Code: This is strikethrough text.
HTML: This is <s>strikethrough text</s>.
HTML: This is <strike>strikethrough text</strike>.
Markdown: This is strikethrough text.

Inserted Text (Turns text background green)
HTML: This is <ins>inserted text</ins>.

Deleted Text (Turns text background red)
HTML: This is <del>deleted text</del>.

HTML: This is a superscript: πr<sup>2</sup>.

HTML: This is a subscript: H<sub>2</sub>O.

Small Text (Makes text smaller)
HTML: This is <small>smaller text</small>.

Big Text (Makes text bigger)
HTML: This is <big>bigger text</big>.

Horizontal Rule
HTML: <hr>

Keyboard Text (Shows text in a little box)
HTML: <kbd>These boxes show keyboard text.</kbd>

Preformatted Text (Maintains spacing in text)
<pre>This text is preformatted.</pre>

Quoted Text
BB Code:

HTML: <blockquote>This is quoted text.</blockquote>
Markdown: >This is quoted text.

Quoted Text With Attribution
BB Code:

BB Code: A link to the Forums
HTML: A link to the <a href=“”>Forums</a>
Markdown: A link to the Forums

BB Code: Send me some []email!
HTML: Send me some <a href="">email</a>!

Spoiler Text (Shows a clickable spoiler. There’s also a blurred version.)
BB Code:

Click to show or hide


<summary>Click to show or hide</summary>

There are many other things that can be done with code, such as posting images, oneboxes, lists, and tables.

NOTE: Make sure the quote and /quote tags are on lines by themselves or it’ll break your quote.

@TubaDiva, are you sure you asked them the question the right way?

From what I could see, with just a brief exposure last night, it looks like URL’s exist for each thread, but it wasn’t obvious if a URL exists for each post.

In vBulletin, you can link to any thread, or you can link directly to any individual post (in several ways, in fact). It wasn’t obvious (to me) if Discourse has any way to link to individual posts, other than the kinda-sorta-links that appear in quote boxes (if even that).

Have you clarified if links to individual posts will work?

Okay I have questions I haven’t seen answered yet:

Will the new site preserve user ID#s?

Will the new site preserve saved friendships?

Will the new site preserve all my subscribed threads and the folders I had them organized in?

Will the new site preserve my ignore list? I saw someone mention that ignores on another discourse site had a timeout period, but I didn’t see any official response about whether that’s true here.

I will not be happy if the new site doesn’t preserve these things.

@GreysonCarlisle, thanks for posting all that. What you’ve listed here seems to include a lot of options that I think are NOT mentioned in the references I posted several posts up. So kaylasdad99 and I and perhaps many others should want to keep this post handy!

ETA: I’ll go a bit further and suggest that TubaDiva should make that post into a sticky thread unto itself!

I note that the BBCode you show for spoilers is different than the BBCode we use here for spoilers. In the BBCode reference I linked, I noticed some other differences too.

Is there any equivalent for the “noparse” … “/noparse” tags? :smiley:

I don’t know if it’ll work for transported posts, post that were moved to Discourse from vBulletin, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

To get the url for an individual post on Discourse, copy the link in the date or time the post was made. It’s similar to copying the link to the post number on vB.

It’ll look like boardaddress/t/titleofthethread/threadnumber/postnumber?u=username

You can get rid of everything after the ? if you want.

Well, I gotta run and do some other things for a while now, so I’m outta here for the next few hours.


Anytime! I would also note that @ actually works on Discourse. You’ll get a notice in your notifications that someone mentioned you.

If so, I’ve got a whole tutorial for people new to Discourse. You evidently have to make an account to access it though. :frowning:

Not that I’m aware of. I usually use ASCII codes in place of the square- and angle-brackets to get around that.

Okay, kewl, I hadn’t noticed that.

I notice that the u=username there is my own user name, NOT the name of the user who made the post in question.

Yes, I noticed the @ usage. Y’oughtta put that whole tutorial someplace where we can all get it and post a link, or maybe send it to @TubaDiva and maybe she’ll make a sticky of it.

Again, L8R!

I could probably do that. Need to wait until we’re actually on the new board, though (and images would need to be enabled).

Thank you, Jenny and all the rest that are making this happen. I know what a major undertaking it is and how much work you’re having to put in. Makes me glad I’m not a mod anymore :wink:

There will be some funky transitional issues, and some people who grumble about every minor difference between the old and new boards, but that happens if you change the default typeface!

Since I already have a goatee, Evil parallel me will have to either be clean-shaven or have muttonchops and a handlebar mustache.

This is wonderful news.

I am looking forward to The Straight Dope, Part 3(In 3-D).

…and four-part harmony!

With accompaniment from Weird Al in 3-D!

Did somebody ask earlier if nested quotes work?

I just tried doing a nested quote. That is, I found a post that had a quote and tried to quote that entire post.

Did it work?

Why yes, it did!