It's that Pot-Luck time of year again...

The sign-up sheets are making their way thru the office. I’m opting out.

I don’t need the calories.
I don’t need food prepared by the people who don’t wash their hands.
I don’t have enough time to prepare meals for my family, much less make something to share with a bunch of coworkers who I’d never socialize with otherwise.

If anyone asks, my response is, “I choose not to participate.”

Like I don’t have enough crap to deal with!!!
ho ho ho

I work from home, so I avoid all the potluck lunches now…

But damn, people, if you don’t bring anything, godamnit NO, you don’t get to eat anything anyone else brought! None of this “oh, I forgot it was today” or “I can’t cook anything”. You can bring a fucking 2 liter of soda and some chips then, but don’t go chowing down so much that people who actually brought food don’t get to eat!

On the other hand, I love Pot Lucks! my god I love Pot Lucks. I’ve been trying to organize a potluck amongst my friends for months.

I love trying new foods and eating old standards, the taco dips, the mysterious chicken/mushroom soup/broccoli type casseroles, new and different christmas cookies!

I love pot lucks. Sorry Fairy Chat Mom :smiley:

I used to enjoy pot-luck, but it seemed that every time we had one of those, everyone would bring California Redbud. I mean, would it kill you guys to show some originality here and maybe try for the White Widow or Durban Poison? Christ, even some Super Gold Thai would show some creativity in selection.

Pot-luck lover here, too. Just had one in our office last week before Thanksgiving. Admittedly, it was a pain in the rump to organize (and me being the office one-man ‘entertainment committee’), but the end product was well worth it.

And about the most diverse potluck I’ve ever seen. First time I’ve ever seen shrimp jambalaya, couscous, sushi, sweet potatoes and venison chili on the same table at the same time. :slight_smile:

And ender… <groan>

FairyChatMom, I am coming to your rescue. Go ahead, agree to those potlucks. Say I have the most wonderful new recipe for a casserole! Then, grab five cans of whatever out of the pantry, add a can of cream of anything soup and glue it all together with some velveeta. After a couple of times you are guaranteed to** NEVER** be bothered about potlucks at work again. This has been tested and proven to work by none other than lil’ ol’ me!

Another potluck fan here. We have them in our office as often as we can get away with it. We always have tons of leftovers, so it’s not a problem if someone wants to come but doesn’t cook. We used to have them on Fridays, but figured out that meant we couldn’t enjoy the leftovers, so now they are always earlier in the week. I’ve even coordinated the last two, including lunchroom decorations and some sort of game for entertainment purposes.

Yes, I do need a life. Why do you ask?

Of course, it helps that my office is mostly women. That would also explain why we spent 15 minutes of a meeting this afternoon discussion the aging of Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Sean Connery. And also why we do beading and quilting projects at lunch sometimes. Bob, the sole guy in our office (excluding the computer support guys) has the patient of a saint.